Blackhawks 3, Blues 2 (OT)

Two years ago, the Blackhawks had Jesus Havlat to rescue them whenever times seemed the bleak.

This year, they have Marian Hossa.  With the Hawks down 2-0 late in the third, Hossa responded with two goals in back-to-back shifts.  Both came off incredible individual efforts, much in the same way Havlat used to rescue the Hawks.  Jesus Hossa doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Plus, it wouldn’t feel right using someone else’s nickname. 

So with that said, let’s get down to finding this man a proper moniker.  

First of all, he’s a damned bull on skates.  Notice tonight on his second goal, T.J. Oshie was firmly entrenched in front of the net.  His knees were bent, he was facing Hossa and had all his weight behind him.  As the scramble and the puck made its way towards Hossa and Oshie, Hossa simply one made little move and Oshie had lost all positioning.  Then the puck was in the net and the game was tied.

He’s almost machine-like in his destruction of the opponent.  He didn’t have a shot on goal until the 13:12 mark of the third period which was also his first goal.  His third shot on goal was almost the game-winner in regulation when he dangled the puck through three Blues and then fired a shot on Halak. 

When you factor in his Eastern European background, the choices become more obvious.  The Terminator is too cliche, though with his shaded visor, it would make sense.  T1000, maybe?  No, only fanboys would know what that means.   

Let’s look for something a little more mainstream.  Add in his blond hair that’s always spiked, the fact that he’s always dripping in sweat, he is hereby known as Marian Drago and he must break you.  

Thoughts other than Marian Drago being really, really, really awesome  

Marty Turco was once again outstanding.  In overtime, the Blues had several opportunities to finish the game before Patrick Sharp had his chance.  The Hawks defense zone coverage was lacking, to say the least, in the extra frame and Turco was there every time.

–I know a lot of people are going to put themselves in the ground early watching a defensive unit consisting of Jassen Cullimore, Nick Boynton, Jordan Hendry, and John Scott.  I’m taking a different approach; I’m just going to enjoy the living hell out of this.  Whether it was Cullimore falling all over himself against Buffalo or Boynton blowing up Sharp in the neutral zone tonight leading to Perron’s second goal, you can’t put a price on entertainment like that. 

Besides, when you lower you expectations you allow yourself to be presently surprised when someone like Cullimore gathers the puck at the blue line, skates all the way around the net, and threads the needle on a pass to Patrick Kane to set up the game-winning goal. 

Jake Dowell is not and probably never will be a NHL player.  For some reason, I had a memory of him being much better three years ago when he spotlighted with the Hawks during Savard’s last full year.  Clearly I had seen a lot of bad hockey up until that point and he just wasn’t as bad as the guys he was replacing. 

He can’t win a draw to save his family’s life; his defensive zone coverage is lacking severely for a guy of his skillset and worst of all, he doesn’t really do anything once the puck is out of the Hawks end. 

–At some point, Joel Quenneville is just going to have to trust Jack Skille or risk losing him forever.  Maybe Vinny Del Negro can bring Rick Pitino to the United Center to tell Q that Kris Versteeg ain’t walking through that door.  Dustin Byfuglien ain’t walking through that door. 

What Skille is, though, is one electric player.  His speed is an absolute underutilized weapon for the Hawks and whether or not his defensive zone responsibility is to Quenneville’s liking, he has to do something with Skille.  Because no one else on the bottom of their roster is better than him.  And yes, that includes Fernando Pisani.  (By the way, you could substitue Stalberg’s name in for Skille’s and the above paragraph would make just as much sense.) 

In seven minutes of play tonight, Skille had 4 shots on goal.  How does someone putting up production like that not get a longer rope?

John Scott nearly spent more time in the penalty box than on the ice.  His season thus far was summed up early in the first after Bryan Bickell and David Backes went at it.  Lining up in a face-off across from Brad Winchester, there was clearly a opportunity for Scott to continue the mayhem.  Just like every other time this season he’s had the chance to dance with somebody, Scott did nothing.  I smell a contract buyout coming next summer if this continues.

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39 Responses to Blackhawks 3, Blues 2 (OT)

  1. dominator says:

    Jake Dowell and Jordan Hendry: way better three years ago but probably not really

  2. Big Tony says:

    Slow start = erased

    Hossa is gonna score 60 my boys….maybe 75. Maybe 40.

  3. Mick Durand says:

    Once Campbell returns I’d like to see: (2/7), (4/51) (5/24). I don’t understand how Scott dresses over Stalberg; Stalberg and Skille looked really good together, and actually put some production on the board. Scott is as useless as a used condom unless he starts fighting. And, considering his multiple refusals to drop the mits against Buffalo and now St. Louis, I’d say it’s out of his hands completely. Q must have taken away his green light for scraps. There’s no other explanation for why he hasn’t scrapped, especially tonight. If he dresses for Vancouver on Wednesday and doesn’t fight, Q’s judgment has to be questioned; what else is he on the roster for?

  4. ArlingtonRob says:

    Sorry, but I gotta pass on Drago. Earn your feathers gets my vote for the best nickname.

    BOSS HOSS fits and rolls off the tongue.

  5. AirTrafficAJ says:

    I gotta say that for all you Street Fighter fans out there, Guile seems to work.

  6. Deborah says:


    My vote goes to “Hossana” meaning (variously) “help” or “save, I pray”.

    Hossa and Kopecky? The Pierogi Brothers, a/k/a RogiBroz.

  7. AC says:

    It’s awesome to see the real Marian Hossa again. After playing through injuries most of the last 2 years, we Hawks fans get to see what all of those Ottawa and Atlanta fans saw for years, the real Marian Hossa. This guy is truly one of the great 2-way players around and could make this another special year for us. I’m about as excited today as I was the day the Hawks signed Hoss. As great as he was last year, he has really stepped it up, due to finally being healthy. Maybe the Blues dmen should’ve left him alone late last night rather than piss him off.

  8. alpo says:

    Kopecky train still rolling through too. Another assist and some nice Slovak on Czech hatred on display.

  9. Jamieroquai says:

    How about: Hoss (pronounced hawce) as a nickname for hossa?

  10. Patrick says:

    Hossa is the best player in the NHL right now, and he’s a Blackhawk. I love that.

    “Hossbollah” – can’t take caredit for it – saw it on SCH.

  11. Lee says:

    John: Judd Sirott made a great point after thye game, John Scott does not really hurt the Hawks playing forward and his just being on the bench does affect the mentaility of the goons on the other team. By the way he tried to start with winchester who would have nothing to do with him

  12. John says:

    I’ll respectfully disagree here Lee and with Judd Sirott. He does hurt the Hawks sitting on the bench because they’re down to 11 players for the majority of the game. And I don’t think anyone is afraid of him. He has the body of a giant and the heart of an angel. He’s not going to drop the mitts because I suspect he’s a horrible fighter and once the secret is out, he really has no business here.

  13. Lou says:

    John – well said. If he can’t play a regular shift, he can’t play for us. Tow games ago he played 2.5 minutes. What’s that 5 to 7 shifts. If one thing, Lee is consistent in his obsession for the value of an enforcer.

    Some stat last night talked about the avg penalty minutes per game last year was around ten but spiked up to like 25+ vs. STL which indicates a whole lot of majors are not taking place outside of STL.

    So, last night we played STL and Bickell dropped em. So Scott brought what? Scott deters what? He’s not adding a lot here. It is early but he can sit as the 13th forward so talented kids can get ice time.

    We can have Scott and his contribution – tall guy who falls down and goes boom or we can have Skille and Stallberg and give us 12 forwards, the ability to roll four lines following our proven recipe for success…that banner is hanging in the rafters. I say play the kids and plant the tree.

  14. Spencer says:

    Go look up any of John Scott’s fights on youtube. The guy can scrap and most of the times beats the living hell out of whoever he is fighting. I think he is much less of a liability at forward than at D but at the same time if he isn’t going to fight, he shouldn’t be out there.

  15. John says:

    I’m aware of Scott’s fight card. I just think it’s odd that he’s yet to scrap this year when there have been more than a couple opportunities.

  16. Otter says:

    Quick thoughts from last night:
    Boynton was not that bad… save the one play he took out Sharp in part because he was out of position. But he’s a keeper for the third pairing.

    The Hawks can do better than Bickell right? Guys like Bickell make me miss last years team because it was enjoyable picking out the warts on guys like Browuer, who probably was the weakest Hawk forward much of the year (well let’s pretend that Burish and BadEager don’t exist). If Troy Browuer is you’re weakest forward, that’s a great thing. Now guys like Bickell and Dowell are so uninspiring it’s not even fun picking on them.

    I guess you can do worse than Cullimore… I don’t think he has a place when everyone is healthy though.

    Scott has no place on this team as far as I can tell. I don’t get any argument in favor of him… who cares if he’s tall? He can’t play hockey at a level necessary for the Blackhawks it seems. He probably has a place on the Chiefs however… Reg would sign him in a second.

    I thought Kane played a pretty good defensive game.

  17. Spencer says:

    I do think it’s odd as well but you made a statement saying that you thought he is a horrible fighter. Again, look at youtube and you can easily tell he can fight. That is all I am saying. I think he should of already fought in at least two games and neither Skille nor Stalberg should ever have to sit for a spot for Scott, but you can’t say that Scott is “a horrible fighter”

  18. Otter says:

    I don’t get the Scott love… it’s like arguing that the Cubs/Sox should pitch a guy who throws a spitball more… only the guy doesn’t throw the spitball that often AND a spitball is illegal on top of it. This is not the 1970s! If you want goons, watch Slapshot! It’s a funny movie too! But the NHL and hockey is moving away from guys like John Scott, the no skate, no real skill, guys who are big and can fight. They just put more pressure on Hossa, Kane, Toews, Sharp, et all since they have to play more. And when they play more, they are more likely to get hurt or tire out over the course of the season, which no one wants to have happen…

  19. John says:

    Fine, sorry I said he is a horrible fighter. tells me he went 4-0-1 last year. But if he gets his ass kicked in his first fight (whenever that may occur), then I retract any apology.

  20. Spencer says:

    I wasn’t trying to come off like a prick and I hope I didn’t, I completely agree with you otherwise, Scott needs to drop the gloves or he needs to be up in the press box. Only two choices

  21. John says:

    Nope, not at all. If I speak out of turn, I don’t mind somebody correcting me.

  22. Lou says:

    Otter – be careful the pro goon guys use the mere presence of a goon is a deterrent to everything bad. Scott on the bench stops makes mountains crumble. Scott’s vids are impressive but he severly limits our depth.

    Vancouver is not going to skate a goon against us and try out fight us. They are going to try to outskate us and out physical us with a two way game. They want to out to show us they are better this year. Alice Burrows will want nothing to do with Scott so sit him and make Vancouver skate faster and play harder. It’s not like Scott is going to get a piece of Burrows or the Sedin Sisters. I want to see them outskate Kane, Sharp and Skille and Stalberg…

  23. Marts says:

    Not a fan of the “Marian Drago” moniker. I prefer Hoss (pronounced as in “close” to the net). After Toews lifted the cup he looked around and asked, “…where’s Hoss?”.

    I don’t think Winchester wanted anything to do with Scott last night but @ 3 or 4 minutes of icetime I’d rather lose the nuclear deterrent for Skille’s and Stalberg’s speed.

    Keith needs to stop polishing his Norris Trophy and make some simple passes out there…

  24. Madara says:

    Sorry boys, but Scott is just wasting bench space. Bickell and Skille aren’t afraid to scrap when needed. While we celebrate The return of Sossa (Sharp & Hossa). I’m left with one question, when the hell is Brouwer going to show up? All the silly talk about him stepping up and being physical like Buff is ridiculous. He reminds me of Adam Sandler in Waterboy afraid to hit anyone. Waterboy, Waterboy, der… He needs to start looking at the opposition like they just stepped on his beloved dog Ari.

  25. feyer says:

    Maybe-just-maybe, John Scott is used as a distraction. He is very effective at that. Case in point, Hoss, Sharpie and TomoKop are setting the league on fire, (1, 4, and 8 in scoring) yet 75% of the comments here are about the guy who spent 2:29 on the ice. He is a very large individual and St Louis couldn’t help but notice that. I guarantee that Skille and Stalberg notice it too, and when he plays instead of them, they work that much harder on the other attributes they have which they CAN improve on. He served his purpose and likely won’t be in the lineup against Vancouver. We may see him again on the return engagement with St Louis though, because they seem to be distracted by his presence, and that seems to benefit the some of the leagues top scorers.

  26. John says:

    I don’t know; that’s giving an awful lot of credit to him for just showing up. And if that logic were correct, then he should be one of the highest paid players because his mere presence makes everyone better.

    I think the majority of fans want to know two things: 1) Why hasn’t he fought yet? 2) Why are more talented players held out of the lineup in favor of him? These are legitimate questions for a team that won the Cup without the use of Scott’s distracting abilities.

  27. Lee says:

    Ok, enough Scott talk! As much as I was happy to see them get an enforcer who can fight I agree if guy’s like Cam Janseen are not around it does not make sense for him to be on the ice. But take a look at some of the goons that are on different teams, he should be on the ice for them. More teams today have a goon that probably do not skate any better than Scott. Take a look every day at and you will see what I’m talking about! Madara:
    when did you ever see Skille drop his gloves, never!

  28. Lou says:

    This is about winning the Cup again and again and again. If you can’t regulalry contribute to this, you have no role on this team. It’s just that simple.

  29. Madara says:

    @Lee I live in Rockford Skille dropped his gloves when needed. He’s as fast as he is physical. He’ll get his due.

  30. Lee says:

    Madara I don’t get a chance to see the Ice Hogs but last night it kinda of looked liked he did not want to rumble after he laid big hits on a few guys and Lou we each have our own opinion of what roles each should play on this team and if you think they are going to repeat this year I want to smoke the same thing you are.

  31. Lou says:

    Lee where did i say winning this year? This is about being around for a while and being in contention to win again and again. And if you don’t think we are going to be in the mix, quite simply you are missing the boat.

    Read what many of your fellow posters say basically – Scott is useless. Useless, uni-dimensional players have NO ROLE on this team. Just like they did last year, just like they will this year and the year after that. If you can’t play a regular shift and Scott hasn’t proven he can, he brings nothing to the table other than youtube videos.

    When you get off your broken record, 1970s hockey rant about the value of an enforcer, you can talk about what someone smokes. Otherwise, keep inhaling and run for President. Drinking leaves less of a carbon foorprint and doesn’t hurt the ozone layer.

  32. AC says:

    I agree that Scott needs to sit. I think we had trouble moving the puck in the neutral zone without Stalberg in last night. The 3rd/4th line was not very good, especially Pisani and Bickell. Stalberg and Skille have been flying around the ice drawing penalties and creating chances all year, while wearing out the opposing team’s dmen. They need to figure out someone else to sit, rather than one of those 2.

    John Scott can fight, he can tear people apart, but hasn’t gotten the opportunity yet this year. I thought he would go out to hunt down Polak after the Kopecky thing, but then we scored and couldn’t risk a dumb penalty.

    Lee – seriously, you don’t believe they can repeat? Who are the 5-6 teams in the NHL that are better? Get to the playoffs, see what happens, ala Montreal and Philly last year. We don’t know what this team will look like in April, but we know the core and it is great. Does it suck that Ladd is gone? Yes, but other than that we should be able to fill the cracks and may see some player movement in the Spring.

    By the way, it seems that Hamhuis and Ballard will be out tomorrow night, so Vancouver will come to Chicago with a very makeshift defensive corps (much like the Hawks had last week).

  33. ArlingtonRob says:

    I’m with Lou regarding the Scott situation.

  34. Lee says:

    When and if he gets in his first fight Lou and I will again have this discussion maybe

  35. big al says:

    Disagree with Bickell being useless.Hits hard skates ok and 2 more goals the Toews.
    Scott blows Stahlbergs speed fun to watch
    Skille please more ice time
    Boyton well worth 500,000 and hed give Scott challenge droppin em!
    Hossa!!!!!!!!! Bring back the Bobby Stan era.What a thrill to watch
    Toews cant wait til hes warmed

  36. Eric says:

    Dowell was 60% from the dot last night; and on the season he was at/over 50% at the circle in 4 of the 7 games. He seems fine at the faceoff dot, especially for a fourth line center.

    But did you see Bolland and his 38.9% against the Blues? Yes he does other things, and yes it’s early, but that’s now 5 games where Bolland is below 40% in faceoffs out of the first 7 games. Not exactly the best start for the guy coach Q loves to throw out there to win important draws.

    Dowell is no worse than what they got from Fraser, and he may eventually provide them with what they got from Burish for a fraction of the cost. I’ve got no problem with Dowell so far.

  37. Lou says:

    Probably won’t be much of a discussion. Your mancrush on enforcers will collide with my despisement of useless hammerheads.

  38. 1989cubs says:

    Whether you’re a Lost fan or not, Hossa is and always will be The Smoke Monster. That’s just how he rolls.

  39. Tom says:

    Way late to the game, but, how about…

    “Jesus Marian Hossa”

    Say it fast enough, and it sounds like “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph”

    Ok, going back under my rock.

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