Oilers 7, Blackhawks 4

A span of a couple minutes towards the end of the first period buried the Hawks.  In what felt like the blink of an eye, the Urlers turned a tie game into a 4-1 lead and never really looked back, despite a late-frame goal by Patrick Kane to make it a two-goal affair.

Then, just more than two minutes into the second, the Oil got the late Hawk goal back, making it a three-goal game again.  The Hawks were never able to cut the lead to any more than two, and after they failed to make hay on a two-man advantage during the second, we all could have hit the road early.

Do I Have To?

– There’s no trick to the Hawks’ issues last night.  The main issue was an almost-complete inability to make a tape-to-tape pass – especially in the defensive and neutral zones.  At the very least it’s ugly and not entertaining in any way.  Throw in poor defensive zone play without the puck, and the Hawks had no chance.  It’s like asking a baseball team to win without gloves; if you can’t move the puck from one player to another, it will be a long night.

– The good news: Poor passing and horrific defensive zone coverage are the hallmarks of every struggling team.  This has been true since the 12th century Romans played a game called hokay.  (Made that up.)  The question each of us has to ourself is whether this is a slump or something more typical of this year’s team?  I’ll take the former, but please don’t make me watch another game like last night’s.

– Shoot the puck.  There’s no reason for a .500 team to be making cute passes in around the circles.  I think we’ll see a simpler game plan in the Wild zone tonight, because they have no choice.  When a team slumps, every coach in the world preaches the same thing: simplicity, namely getting pucks and bodies to the net.

– I think I might rather attend Wednesday’s game totally naked than watch Kopecky play more center.  Make it stop.

– Ryan Jones: Act like you’ve been there before.  Jones acted like Ric Flair after his goal in the second.  Woo!

– “General maintenance” is something a car gets – not athletes.  Dave Bolland is obviously not totally healthy.  How do you say “back surgery” in auto mechanic terms?

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8 Responses to Oilers 7, Blackhawks 4

  1. Big Tony says:

    I don’t mind losing from time to time, but when it’s on a Friday at home when we’ve all been looking forward to ending the work week with a win against a clearly inferior team with a talent level nowhere near NHL caliber it pisses me right off and it’s at the top of my shit list, a list that grows larger every time I see defensive breakdowns like we’ve been seeing.

    Run-on sentences are a close second on my iist.

  2. feyer says:

    You may be right about Bolland. He has been a shell of himself so far, and a creaky back would certainly explain that. I played Hokay a long time ago, but didn’t like the fact that we couldn’t make a forward pass in the offensive zone.

  3. G8K33P3R says:

    Kopecky was a -5…OUCH

    Bolland is well….missing. Call the police.

    Cullimore became..well, Culimore getting beat badly on the 5th goal.

    MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!

  4. Mick says:

    At this stage we’re just above .500, and luck/skill are the only reason. To date we’ve really only played one quality game; every other tilt has been a battle, with the exception of the rectal exam on home ice against the Oil. As much as as this type of start was expected, it’s no fun to watch.

    Tell me again why we didn’t trade Bolland?

  5. Cam says:

    If Bolland needs a second back surgery in less than a year, his career could ultimately be in jeopardy.

    The defensive issues shouldn’t be this bad. I still think one of the problems is that the puck possession that the Hawks were famous for last year has been utterly absent. That kept teams out of the Hawks’ zone with the puck.

  6. Marts says:

    Boynton looked poor last night. His pass, to no one, across the ice to nobody in the 2nd allowed that Jones goal to happen. That, and the fact that he stood there for a few seconds before realising that he was going to get caught. He “thinks” the game too slowly and physically he’s too slow. Bad combo. Also, his pinch in the first, at the offensive blue trying to nip Hall (when all was already being defended by back/side pressure) led to that Horcoff to Eberle finish.

    Boynton, IMO, was disgracefully bad last night. He’s been bothering me for a while and last night capped it. I understand the “who else can play argument” and for now we’ll take what he gives us but at the end of the day he’s just not good enough to play more than 10-12 minutes a game.

  7. Big Tony says:

    Nick Boynton’s claim to fame this season is that his relationship with Jen Patterson got her shitcanned from Comcast. That’s not a good thing.

  8. Cam says:

    Boyton would be more than serviceable playing 5-7 minutes a night. Same with Hendry.

    Too bad Nick Leddy and Dylan Olsen aren’t about 2 years further along.

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