The John Scott Stick Mystery: Solved!!

In case you were wondering why John Scott snapped 3 sticks in one period of play last night, we discovered some physical evidence of why this happened:

John Scott's Magical Rubber Band

My goodness, is he using a children’s 35 flex or what?  Perhaps someone on the Hawks equipment staff should recommend to Scott he should use a stiffer flex.  We all understand it’s optional for Scott to use a stick anyway but maybe they’ll have a longer shelf life if they didn’t bend like a Russian gymnast.

–The Hawks re-assigned Jeremy Morin to Rockford today.  There was no word on whether he was coming back for Wednesday’s game and after last week’s Ben Smith and Ryan Potulny re-assignment, no one should take a call back for granted.  What I did find interesting was how drastically the public opinion has changed about the Hawks brass.

Take Tim Sassone’s Tweets for example.  Here’s what he said last week before the game against the Devils and word came out John Scott and Jordan Hendry were going to skate on the 4th line. 

But Q deserves the benefit of the doubt. He knows what he’s doing. #blackhawks

Now less than one week later, here’s how he feels about Morin’s re-assignment.

Morin assigned to Rockford. Why? And Bickell stays? Bad move, salary cap problem or not. #blackhawks

Funny how a week ago, Quenneville deserved the benefit of the doubt yet now this Morin move deserves to be answered.  By the way, he may only be making $545,000 but Bryan Bickell’s 3-year deal is looking worse by the minute.  Ouch, babe.

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9 Responses to The John Scott Stick Mystery: Solved!!

  1. AirTrafficAJ says:

    It’s hard to tell if Bickell’s bad play is a result of the malaise that seems to be swamping the team, or if the sample size we saw last year was just an aberration. I like the kid and I hope he turns it around, but his play of late (just like most others) has been way south of acceptable.

  2. Otter says:

    Anyone know why the Hawks schedule has been so unbalanced compared to the rest of the league? The Hawks have two games on everyone, and really about four or five games on most teams. Maybe this is part of the reason they’ve struggled so much.

    Also, I’m not a huge what if… fan but… should the Hawks have gone after Halak? I’m not sure what Montreal’s cap situation looked like, but I’m sure some combination of Buff/Ladd/Steeger would have gotten the job done. But I guess that would have cost the Hawks Hammer because of taking on Halak’s salary, so maybe forget this.

  3. AC says:

    I don’t understand the Morin move, especially in light of Pisani or Bickell get 3rd line minutes (or Scott getting any at all!). This team obviously needs a kick start, but doesn’t know where to find it.

  4. Marts says:

    You can see Morin has the hands (other than being pocketed at the blue-line against the Oilers after one too many moves) and the the sense, but his speed/acceleration looks a little off. Optimally, more time int he A is a good idea but I didn’t see much to suggest he was “behind” any of the other Rockford shuffle guys. I think this a salary thing more than anything.

    Good photo of Scott. IMO, that’s normal shaft kick though… Usually you break a stick when it’s too rigid (or very rigid) and you’re taking a lot of ice. I couldn’t break a 75 flex unless one end was in a vice-grip. Wouldn’t be able to aim for $hit with it either but…

  5. AC says:

    Another game, another Scott showing on the 4th line (for tonight against the Yotes). Why? Bring up Jaffe or Potulny to play C on the 4th line and shift Pisani to wing, sit Scott. Please!!!!!

  6. AC says:

    Sorry, meant Taffe.

  7. Ban says:

    Why does everyone hate on Bickell? 6 points in 15 games for a 3rd/4th line player isn’t bad. Seriously people. Not everyone is supposed to be a point scoring machine. He does his job well. Enough already. How about we rip on the top players, namely Keith, Toews, and Kane, who have been essentially nonexistent up until now? The 3rd/4th line players are doing their jobs. It’s the “vets” that need to step it up.

  8. Lou says:

    I was their again tonight. The team did nothing to get the crowd involved. We aren’t hitting anyone can’t win a board battle and are not crisp in passing. Boynton is horrible but Keith is worse right now. Add in the fact that we must be playing some kind of salary cap game and are completely unable to dress a useable 4 line team. Screw worrying about some free agency 1 year earlier and play a C. John Scott adds no value at D let alone as a forward.

    We are missing energy. And another loss in less than a minute of bad play.

    One note, GREAT to honor vets on the day before Veterans day. But Hawk guys today is the Marine Corps Birthday and you have Army guys. Let’s get that right next year.

  9. John says:

    Ban–Bickell needs to play with an edge. He doesn’t. At all. His point production may be alright but he can’t be floating through the offensive zone and pass up the opportunity to bury someone into the boards. People bemoaned Dustin Byfuglien for the same thing. He actually would hit someone if he was in the mood. Bickell never is. That’s why people hate on him.

    The vets who I assume you’re referencing are just under a point per game pace. Unless you expected them to turn into Niklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin over two months, then perhaps the blame lays elsewhere.

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