Your Walking Dead Monday Discussion and Farm Update

The IceHogs went 1-1 this weekend. 

On Friday, they gave up a 2-0 lead, then won in a shootout against the Grand Rapids Griffins.  Brandon Pirri scored his fifth goal of the season in the first period.  In the second period, Ryan Potulny scored on the power play.  Nick Leddy and Brian Connelly assisted.

In the shootout, Pirri and Jeremy Morin scored.  Pirri is perfect thus far in the shootout, going 4 for 4.  Alec Richards made 40 saves and stopped every shot in the shootout.  Not surprisingly, he was also named the first star of the game. 

Other notes of interest were Kyle Beach racking up 17 minutes in penalties.  He was called for slashing in the first period, then had a fight in the second period and had an extra 10 minute misconduct for attempting to continue the altercation.  Anyone who was worried about the Hawks finding a Ben Eager replacement should be relieved.

On Saturday, the IceHogs dropped a heartbreaker to the Peoria Rivermen, 5-0.  Alec Richards was lifted after one period.  Former IceHog Derek Nesbitt scored the second goal of the game.  Also in the ‘Kyle Beach keeps things entertaining’ portion of the night, he had another 10 minutes in penalties by fighting and was a -4.  He took on Basil McRae’s son, Phillip, in the third and then with 14 seconds left in the game, he fought again.  Brandon Pirri was also a -4.

Dylan Olsen, Dan DeLisle and the rest of the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs were off this week for Thanksgiving break.

Byron Froese has gone pointless in his last five games for the Red Deer Rebels.

Rob Flick had one assist in two games for Mississauga.

David Pacan also had one assist in two games for Niagara IceDogs.

As usual, feel free to react to this week’s Walking Dead in the comments.

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11 Responses to Your Walking Dead Monday Discussion and Farm Update

  1. alpo says:

    Very slow episode. Kinda disappointed they wasted a whole episode in such a short season for reflection and mourning. And how the hell did they get the RV back working? Meh.

  2. John says:

    I kind of disagree. There was a ton of tension in the episode, starting with the anticipation of the zombie birth. The decision on what to do with infected Jim. Shane nearly blowing Rick’s brains out in the woods and finally, the door opening at the CDC.

    That said, it did seem a little slower than previous episodes.

    From what I gathered, the RV was simply patched to work, like every other time. Harold said something along the lines of “We just keep gerry-rigging it for temporary relief.”

  3. John says:

    Harold…I mean Dale.

  4. dominator says:

    Yeah the show is meant to be a character driven drama, not every episode is going to be zombies getting blown apart by shotguns (even though those parts own).
    Shane said he was going down the way to the gas station so lets pretend they found a hose there they could rig for the last few miles of the trip.
    But yeah that scene with Shane about ready to shotgun Rick in the woods only to find Dale staring at him…crazy.

  5. Patrick says:

    First of all, damn good weekend of hockey for the Hawks. They’re the boys we know and root for. I was trading texts a Kings buddy of mine in LA who saw the Ducks game, but watched the Kings game TV (odd combo that, he was rooting for the Hawks in the Ducks game but the Kings in the second) – he said the Hawks looked amazing and it was nice to get the concessionary text once Doughnuts went off on a penalty in the end.

    Let’s hope the boys can keep it up!

    On Walking Dead – do we know the how and why yet of the Zombie outbreak? I missed last night episode (it’s parked on my DVR), so I’ll take the answer over the air, after I hang up.

  6. John says:

    Not yet, but it might be coming soon.

  7. Dave Morris says:

    I expect the Men of The Fifth Feather have mentioned that Mssrs Olsen and Pirri will attend the World Junior Championships camp for Team WJC Canada.

    …and will The John Scott Debate never cease?

  8. Big Tony says:

    In almost every zombie-themed flick, they never tell how the outbreak starts. I think that’s smart actually…you don’t waste time with backstory that doesn’t matter and it leaves you free to use your imagination. All you know is that there’s gonna be some kickass gruesome coming.

    The RV had to break down to give them a chance to jettison Jim. Fixing the RV was secondary to the storyline. The scene where they pulled up to the CDC was chilling with all those dead bodies and the LOUD buzzing of the flies….well done. I’m pretty pissed that the season will end so soon, but hopefully it builds into an even better second season. Anyone know when it’s due to premiere?

  9. Patrick says:

    Just watched this week’s show – damn good.

    Good info, Mr Morris, any idea if Morin and/or Leddy would be made available for the US squad, and would it be good for them?

    Finally, did Hossa has joined the Walking Dead? Boynton should…

  10. dominator says:

    Walking Dead Season 2 is supposed to be back next Halloween, full 13 episode season.

  11. AirTrafficAJ says:

    I love this show, and not simply because it’s awesome. I read the comic (don’t know if any others of you do), and while I love it, I was afraid that the show was going to follow it to the letter. I can already say that it’s not the case. Amy lasted a LOT longer, there was no Merle, and the CDC and an explanation of how the virus works (or if it even is a virus)? Not even close.

    That being said, there are a few storylines I would really like to see play out on TV (Michonne, the prison and The Governor). Aside from that, this past episode was pretty solid. Especially the moment when Amy “reawakens.” Good stuff.

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