Blackhawks 4, Flames 2

Thanks to Comcast’s nationwide internet outage, last night’s recap will be brief with probably more thoughts to come.  If you want the Cliff Notes: the Hawks won but lost Patrick Kane for an extended period.  I think I’d prefer the alternative.

With the Hawks still chasing a playoff spot, this is hardly a time for them to simply weather a storm.  They need to continue to climbing and that is going to be extremely difficult with their most consistent player on the shelf. 


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2 Responses to Blackhawks 4, Flames 2

  1. Big Tony says:

    This could be the thing to make the rest of the guys elevate their game. There is simply no other way to compete and they must realize this. Hossa’s return had better be soon too.

    As for TWD, I don’t know how I can wait until the next season. While there really isn’t a cliffhanger like I thought there would be, what happens next should be top drawer. I don’t read the comic, so I don’t have an inkling of what happens next, there are enough storylines going to keep us busy.

  2. AirTrafficAJ says:

    Yeah, they couldn’t really end on a cliffhanger because when they filmed they had no idea if the show would be picked up or not. It was cool to see the last episode step out of the box as far as comic storylines go. Next season, look for 2 really cool characters to show up. A samurai sword-wielding chick named Michonne, and a one-eyed villain named “The Governor.”

    Also: No Kane, No Gain.

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