Blues 3, Blackhawks 1

The Blues came out with a little zip in their step on Tuesday night.  They peppered Marty Turco early.  By the time the Hawks prepared to deliver their counter-punch, they lost Jonathan Toews for the game.  Toews was driven into the boards by Matt D’Agostini, holding his right shoulder as he got up.  He never returned and the Hawks never bothered to show up afterwards.

To make matters, the Hawks lost Troy Brouwer and Niklas Hjalmarsson in the second period for long stretches effectively leaving them with 15 skaters.  14 if you don’t count John Scott.

I’m not sure who scored or how for the Blues in the third but it didn’t really matter because anyone who has seen 15 minutes of Blackhawks hockey in their life knew the Hawks weren’t getting out of St. Louis with any points. 

Joel Quenneville said after the game he’s hopeful Jonathan Toews’ injury wasn’t serious but won’t know more until tomorrow.  Hawk Nation now waits with baited breath.

Only have a couple thoughts about this one….

Patrick Kane returned and as has been the case throughout his career, it generally takes a couple games before he gets going.  Wasn’t much different tonight.  Other than his breakaway chance that he missed by a hair, Kane eased his way back into the flow of the game.  He’ll be back to his old self fairly soon and the Hawks may need him to be.

This feels like the fourth time the Hawks have dressed their ‘normal’ team only to lose a key player in that same game.  It happened with Dave Bolland, Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, and now Jonathan Toews.  Hate to say I’m already looking forward to the end of this season.

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13 Responses to Blues 3, Blackhawks 1

  1. Cam says:

    That was a disgusting effort. Complete domination from a team missing three of its best forwards. Hopefully both a lesson and an anomaly.

  2. ArlingtonRob says:


    Could not agree with you more. Very disappointing effort, excluding Turco who was great. If Toews is missing for significant time the Hawks will have no quality centers. I’m beginning to see a rather decent draft pick in our future. Not a bad consolation prize. I also reserve the right to change my opinion tomorrow after I cool off.

  3. Jacare says:

    It seemed to me that bringing Kane back, and rolling new lines upset the rhythm they had developed over the four game winning streak. Also, Kane was showing a lot of rust (understandably) and should have potted the breakaway on the Turco pass. It would have been 2-0 Hawks, and they could have gone zone.

    It seemed like Turco played a simpler game with the Columbus win, then against St. Louis he went back to his old ways of distributing the puck everywhere. It seems like this also changes the rhythm and tempo of the game, and not in the Hawks favor. I think this has contributed to the lack of success Turco has had with the Hawks. I would like to see him go back to the more traditional style he used against Columbus. Turco can make saves, he proves that over and over, but maybe he should take a lesser role in puck distribution.

  4. BWV513 says:

    Eh, I sort of liked what Turco was doing. Nine times out of 10, Kane scores on that breakaway, and then maybe it’s a different game … or not — barring Turco, it was a dismal effort all around, really.

  5. Adam F says:

    Eeegads. The only thing missing is an apology to Barry Rozner. I understand that was an ugly game to watch but it certainly hasn’t been a trend. It’s not like the last 5 games have been this way. Yeah, if the Toews injury is serious, that maybe a capsizing blow. But there was a lot of hand-wringing and belly aching (on this website no less) when Kane went down and the Hawks went 5-2-1. Let’s say Toews is out three weeks, it’s not possible that Hossa goes Panda like crazy and scores 9 goals in 6 games and the Hawks ride that to a 4-1-1? No? Not possible….

    I am not trying to put a positive spin on this. Last night sucked! Sucked big time. It showed a major flaw in the construction of this team. It simply doesn’t have enough “Sandpaper”, “Jam”, fiestyness….whatever your word. You can hit this team off it’s game. And for whatever reason when Turco gets in the blue ice the defense, #2 and #7 in particular, seem to insert head up rectum. But it is just ONE game. if we turn around and beat San Jose ( who got corkscrewed by the Kings last I checked.) and repeat our performance in Southern California this loss becomes just one loss right?

    Looking forward to the end of the season….? With half a season to go? That comment sir simply befuddles me. I’m befuddled. Totally full of fuddle. I’m glowing with fuddleness. (You see where I’m going with this….)

    I’ll shut up now.Thank you for your time.

  6. John says:

    All I meant by looking forward to the end of the season is that this injury trend generally seems to infect a team for a season and by next season, everyone looks back and laughs at their numerous misfortunes. The Hawks clearly can’t shake the bug.

    I can’t think of anything more frustrating (perhaps just watching a crappy team) to watch than a team that can’t keep its most important players in one piece for more than a period or two.

    There’s a long way to go, but the encouraging trend is how the Hawks have started to seperate themselves from the Blob ever so slightly.

  7. Deborah says:

    New Hockey Rule: The Hawks should be allowed to toss hand grenades during all Blues games. Small ones, of course. And specifically at Blues players, but only when they are skating. Should help with the Blob factor.

  8. Otter says:

    I thought if the Hawks even sort of showed up last night they would have won. I was unimpressed with Conklin who gave up a soft goal and was letting big rebounds. Even an okay effort, with the way Turco was playing, would have gotten the Hawks a point.

    Toews out two weeks…

  9. Lee says:

    Is there a reason that outside of John Scott this is the softest team in the division.StanBow trades away the heart of the team, Ladd,Buff and Sopel and is left with a bunch of pussies. They stand around and watch
    D-Agonstini or what ever his name is and do noting when he puts out Captain serious. Brower tries to retailitate later and gets thrown in the box, Why doesnt Brower just drop his gloves and beat the shi—t of this guy instead of a dumb elbow that almost cost another goal. STanBow you suck!!!! This team will not make the playoffs. If Marty does not stand on his head this game ends in a rout. Everyone know how I wanted an enforcer and I got my wish with the best but to keep on fighting the cement head Jjanseen, there just no purpose in it

  10. Cam says:

    “It would have been 2-0 Hawks, and they could have gone zone.”


    It was 1-1 at the time of Kane’s breakaway.

  11. Lee says:

    Please read Al Cimalgia’s blog on Hockey Independent. He has hit it right on the head and even Lou will have to agree

  12. LMS says:

    Lee, I (Lou) agree. Al makes a great post but that does not make up for the post you put up. Stanbow Sucks we are a team of pussies. Last year you bitched all season about how soft we were and need a goon and now you are praising Sopel, Ladd and Buff as the supreme badasses. Pick one side of the fence. Being mad about a loss is one thing but being completely hypocritical is another.

    Fights are the sole indicator of badassness in your world and you really can’t position that any other way. I personally beat on you all last year about team toughness and you said enforcer, enforcer, enforcer. Well now you got what you want and you see the light we all saw.

    For the record, Dowell already has more fights than Buff (1), Sopel(0) and Ladd combined by at least a 3 to 1 margin. As a team we had 36 last year and YTD we have 20 with Scott and Dowell with 7. Eager had 8 last year as a team lead. So I guess were not such pussies by the fight standard.

    Is this team different? Hell yeah and the big glaring weakness is the lack of a true #5 defenseman and our inability to roll 4 lines. As Al stated Kopecky is getting way too much ice time. Scott is useless. No one but a goon will fight him and he can’t play hockey to be on the ice even if we needed him so we are playing every night with 11 forwards.

    Stanbow sucks, and he traded away the heart of the team. Alex Lou would like key Blackhawks for $1000. ?: Name the nucleus of the Hawks. A: Who are Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, Hossa, and Sharp. These guys are the heart of the team. We shall see how much Stan sucks and you will likely eat those words at somepoint in the future as the picks and prospects emerge and we have cap room. Then you come back around and priase him as a genius and oh you will.

    We played like crap, we don’t seem to ever get up for STL like the old days and we had just won 4 in a row. The season is not over but we have one hell of a fight in front of us. We will either find the intestinal fortitude to get in the playoffs, where anything can happen or we will all be pissed. Cam’s first comment about says it all.

  13. Lee says:

    Kopecky, Pisani, Bolland, if they were gone at least one of Ladd or Buff maybe could have stayed. Is Ham sandwich worth what they paid him, he used to be known as a big hitter, What Happened? They are soft and really Scott fighting the cement head you are right means nothing. If he in fact went after Agostini after the Toews hit then I would have said Ok he is worth it but it did not happen and I am really frustrated

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