Wild 4, Blackhawks 2

The Blackhawks two-step continues.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Two steps back, one step forward, and on and on it goes.  When it stops, nobody knows.

A first period that saw the Hawks get more standing ovations than President Obama’s State of the Union and only two goals came back to bite them.  Troy Brouwer, Jake Dowell, and Ryan Johnson all had golden opportunities to extend the Hawks lead.  They didn’t and a period the Hawks absolutely dominated only saw them with a mere 2-1 advantage.

The Wild scored twice in the second period one of which was ultra soft.  Corey Crawford let a 55 foot wrist shot that was partially deflected squeeze through his legs.  Minnesota took the lead for good when they finished off a perfectly executed 3-on-2.

The Hawks chance to tie the score came and went when Duncan Keith’s blast rung off the post halfway through the third.  Minnesota scored on their ensuing rush when Pierre Marc-Bouchard finished off an extended 2-on-1.  Nothing left to see here.


–It wasn’t Corey Crawford’s best night.  He gave Martin Havlat nearly half the net to shoot at on Minnesota’s first goal.  Their second goal should have never gone in and on their fourth goal, Crawford moved with the speed of a drunken sloth as he tried to get up in his crease. 

That being said, the Hawks should have been able to score more than two goals with the amount of odd-man rushes they had in the first period.

–Patrick Kane absolutely owned Brent Burns.  He must have picked his pocket a half dozen times.  If it wasn’t for a quick whistle and some timely goaltending from Niklas Backstrom, that +2 Burns was sporting could have been a whole lot worse. 

–The good news is the Hawks have a full week off to recharge their batteries while Stan Bowman tries to figure out what kind of team he has.  The bad news is a 6 game West coast road trip awaits the Hawks out of the break.  More good news is that the trip consists of visits to Columbus, Edmonton, and Calgary.  The days of not getting two points against those teams are over.  Their other three games come against Vancouver, Dallas and Phoenix.  So a sweep of the bottom feeders and a win against Phoenix would make that a successful trip.  Unfortunately, nothing’s promised with this team.  

–Is it just me or does it seem like Nick Boynton chooses to pinch at the absolute worst time every time?  And what’s with him only being 31 years old.  The guy looks like he’s easily pushing 40 and plays like he’s 50.  I think we’re all in agreement when I say enough is enough.

–So much for the 5-on-3 big momentum swing that Joel Quenneville and Pat Foley love to talk about.  The Hawks killed off a long 5-on-3 in the first period and then….lost.  Funny how that never gets mentioned when it doesn’t fit.

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10 Responses to Wild 4, Blackhawks 2

  1. Mick says:

    I’m 27, and I take pretty good care of myself; in four years, if I somehow look as old as the sweaty turd known as Nick Boynton, I’ll straight up punch my own ticket. How the hell is this hump still on our team? Every time I catch the line-ups from Jahns or one of the other beat writers on Twitter I cringe when #24 appears. When I see the stupid look on his face after he takes a needless penalty, I’m reminded of the sister f*cking shirtless mouth breathing knuckle draggers I saw on Saturday’s episode of Cops. Again, how the hell does this guy dress ahead of anyone? What could Q possibly see in his game that warrants a start ahead of Hendry, or me?

    Question: what kind of personnel moves do you boys envision if we don’t make the post-season dance?

  2. Otter says:

    I’m still not sure how the Hawks lost this game… talk about a bad dream.

    I don’t think you can let Duncan Keith off the hook for the 4th goal either. I’m not sure what the hell he was doing there, but the indecision was the worst decision.

  3. CT says:

    Q was asked about Boynton being in the lineup in the postgame, and he basically mumbled something about wanting to get him some playing time to keep him fresh or something.

    Which makes me wonder more about his handling of Turco. Crawford has been very good this season, but he was obviously laboring last night. It would have been a good night to get Turco some action before the Hawks head into the All-Star break and keep him from getting stale.

  4. Patrick says:

    Damn, that was tough. The Hawks looked ever so slightly out of position to where pucks were jumping away from their sticks (but that wasn’t enough to kill them by itself). Brouwer had a golden opportunity to tie it and he whiffed on a pass through the slot (you’re great T-Brow, but keep the stick on the ice!). Finally, what gives with that waive off of the goal? That was horseshit.

  5. John says:

    I kind of, sort of understand why Q occassionally dresses his regularly scratched players. You can’t have guys just wasting away in the press box. No NHL coach is going to do that.

    The problem is the Hawks having so many guys in the press box on a given night. The past couple years, their roster was never more than 21, 22 guys.

  6. Francis Roberts says:

    What a frustrating loss! Great momentum in the first period totally interrupted by (yet another) dumb penalty by Boynton. But, let’s face it: the Hawks are losing becasue they are not getting the contributions they need from their key guys. Crow played very soft last night, but he has been terrific nearly all season. He is a consistent plus.

    To me this is not about some magical trade for a 4th liner that will turn things around for the team. It is about getting a consistent game out of your top guys. Keith and Seabrook were often touted as the top D pair in the NHL; they are now a combined minus 10(versus a plus 41 all of last year). You watch both of them consistently turn the puck over last night and just shake your head. Sharp is a minus 10, Kane a minus 8, Kopecky a minus 7 (ok not a top guy, but he’s playing top guys minutes). Hoss has been a dominant player at times but he has missed about 1/3 of the season. The first line was great again last night, but only potted one goal (OK, Toews got robbed by the zebras). But they have to do better. They had 2-3 chances to put a stake in Minny’s heart during the first period, and came up empty.

  7. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    I agree with everyone on Boynton as his minutes would better served for someone else. However he is hardly to blame. Thats the thing with this Hawks team is far from one of two guys that are a problem. Its a different guy on a different night hurting the team whereas last year is was a different guy helping the team

  8. Big Tony says:

    I want to know how a trogolodyte like Nick Boynton could score a slice of ass like Jen Patterson. Seriously, if he were a stud defenseman I could see that, but a guy who sucks and looks like him?

    Come on…..

  9. dominator says:

    Well she did spend all that time with Mike North, maybe trogolodytes are her thing?

  10. Dave Morris says:

    Gentlemen, excellent podcast with Chris Block and Third Man In.

    All pertinent observations, and highly recommended listening to all.

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