Stars 4, Blackhawks 3 (SOL)

The Feather will take “Finding New Ways to Lose” for $1,000.  What did it tonight?  Oh, just a blown three-goal lead, a botched 5-on-3, a plague that struck one quarter of the forwards, a goal in the last minute of the second (actually in the last few seconds), a goal in the first minute of the third and, for good measure, a too many men penalty.  I’m sure there’s more, but it’s too early in the morning to drink.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010-2011 Chicago Blackhawks.

Things started off exceedingly well.  After a few minutes where neither team could corral the puck, the Hawks capitalized on some sloppy Stars own-zone play.  First, Patrick Kane grabbed a loose puck just inside the Stars zone and blew one by Kari Lehtonen high glove side.  Then, about a half-minute later, Jonathan Toews controlled the puck after Kane forced a turnover; he found Seabrook streaking through the slot, and the Hawks had a two-goal lead.  Later in the period, the Hawks played tic-tac-toe all over the Stars zone, and Patrick Sharp slammed one home on the power play.

The Stars went on to out-shoot the Hawks 30-17 during the game’s next three frames, including the overtime period.  Oops.

All in all, this was a tough one.  Just as it seemed the trade had pumped some life into the Hawks, a three-goal lead disappeared like Marian Hossa’s production after October this season.  While a point in Dallas isn’t anything to be ashamed about in a vacuum, this point is very hard to swallow.

Last season, we all watched and wondered how the Hawks would win games in which they didn’t play great; this year, we are forced to watch games slip away.  Worst of all, following this team has officially become a chore.

Not For the Faint of Heart

– One quick, stupid question: Wasn’t the Giordano’s guy bald a couple seasons ago?  Last season, all of a sudden, he had a full head of thick, beautiful hair.  What the hell is going on?  Is this the secret he’s talking about when he tells us about the fresh ingredients?  Or, is it just a toupee?

– Speaking of things that don’t matter, how horrible is Comcast Sports Net’s Blackhawks correspondent Tracey Myers?  I’m having a difficult time figuring out what’s most annoying about her.

– So, what do I think about Michael Frolik?  Well, I hope Salak is good.  While Frolik’s catch and shoot during the third was mildly neat (where he put the puck on net from the very-high slot), he was largely invisible.  First, it’s hard to blame him; playing with Troy Brouwer and Tomas Kopecky isn’t good for anyone’s stat line – especially when Kopecky is at center.  When he had an opportunity to play with Dave Bolland and Brian Bickell, though, he wasn’t able to do much.  All kidding aside, it was only one game, but it would have been nice to see Quenneville give the kid a better shot at succeeding in his first game.

– So much for Frolik being able to play center.  If Kopecky is a better option, maybe Frolik isn’t the answer as the second center – though, to be fair, perhaps Q was hesitant to play him at the most important forward position less than 48 hours into his Hawks career.  I also found it humorous to hear Frolik’s morning interview, where he said it had been six or seven years since he played center.

– Fernando Pisani’s hip is likely not connecting the top and bottom of his body any longer; Viktor Stalberg might be dead; and Mark Johnson ran himself into a wall as hard as one possibly could.  One would assume three forwards received a phone call late last night with the Hawk injuries piling up and a very, very important game tonight.  Let’s hope John Scott has nothing to do with things tonight.

– Don’t tell all of that to Foley and Eddie O, though.  Towards the end of the third, each talked about how Stalberg was not on the bench and how Frolik hadn’t been on the ice in a while – even though Stalberg hadn’t been on the bench nearly all period and Frolik had just stepped off the ice.

– Can you imagine a worse way to end Marty Turco’s homecoming game?  Three Stars obviously familiar with his game beat him like a rented mule.

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11 Responses to Stars 4, Blackhawks 3 (SOL)

  1. Lady says:

    – Tracey Myers is mouthy; when she talks you see all of her teeth. That’s probably what it is.
    – I think you mean Ryan Johnson, but if your point is that he’s not really important enough to remember his name, then I’ll defer to Mark
    – Wasn’t Stan going on and on about the added depth at center, and how they’d had their eye on Frolik dating back to the draft? Frolik said he preferred to play wing, I don’t actually know anymore how often he’s been the pivot, and WHY am I suddenly plagued by images of Stan ransacking Dale Tallon’s old files, finding five-year-old scouting reports, hugging them close to his chest and laughing maniacally. Joke’s on him.
    – Becoming a chore is EXACTLY right. Somebody make it stop.

  2. Big Tony says:

    If anyone wasnts to borrow the sledgehammer I’ve been using to hammer my balls flat after games like these, let me know. I’ve had enough for a while after last night. I simply can’t fathom how this team STILL thinks it can win while only playing hard for 20 minutes a night. Didn’t they learn anything from the Cup run?

    All of us who defended Turco on various boards last night ended up looking stupid after that shootout atrocity, no matter that he was the only reason they were in the game at all. I hope he has a spare jockstrap because his got left in the goal crease last night.

  3. Lee says:

    Big Tony:

    When they signed Turco the biggest negative on his record was his shoot-out record. It was horrible and he really showed why last night. Im real curious, Q knew that Turco sucks in shootouts and Crawford is good, why didnt he make a switch or is there a rule against it.

  4. Johnny says:

    unacceptable loss. Tracey Myers is unlistenable. i tune out. Turco in shootouts is disastrous. can’t take away the great first period though. what a disappointing rest of the game.

  5. tom says:

    Myers does have some trouble with the visual aspect of reporting. On the Hawk’s site, she shows her chewing gum to us a few times as she stands in the background of Q’s postgame. Frankly, I’d like to see Comcast and WGN give those spots to a rotating group of Fifth Feather and SCH writers. I’ll bet none of you would ask the 1st star, “How about this United Center crowd?”

  6. steve says:

    One word ……..Bullied

  7. amanda says:

    I’d still take Tracey Myers over Sarah Kustok any day. I want to throw things at the tv when Kustok asks “about the UC crowd”.

  8. Marts says:

    Fuck… (I don’t have anything else to add)

  9. Marts says:

    Actually, I do. Try watching the Centre Ice Dallas feed on that one…

  10. Big Tony says:

    At least Sarah Kustok is hot…Tracey Myers is she-Boynton.

  11. Mick says:

    Listening to Kustok battle her Orland Park accent is painful. That said, I can’t believe this fine site’s comment section has devolved into a discussion about the tail that covers the team. I can’t wait until April when this miserable season will die the death it already did anyway.

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