Blue Jackets 4, Blackhawks 3

Not quite sure what to say.

In a three-game home stand that practically required five or six points, the Hawks lose … to the Columbus Blue Jackets, a team they’ve gathered many points at the expense of over the past couple seasons.  What’s more, after a solid effort on Wednesday against the streaking Wild, it was easy to buy in to the idea that the Hawks were ready to turn it on.  Marian Hossa played like a man among boys, and Dave Bolland looked interested.

What a difference a couple days will make.

My big reality check from last night is that maybe it was the depth last year after all.  Yeah, we said over and over that the top lines would carry the day, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.  Last night, Patrick Sharp scored his 30th goal of the season; Patrick Kane resumed his point-per-game pace; and Jonathan Toews was, well, Jonathan Toews.  And, the Hawks lost a must-win to the Blue Jackets.

There’s no doubt that the new second line – which I like, in theory – needs to play like a legitimate second line, because the Hawks have apparently settled on a “spare parts” approach to the third line, much like they did a couple seasons ago after acquiring Sam Pahlsson.  We can’t expect much from whomever those parts may be.

I still continue to believe that the Hawks will make the playoffs, though.  Why, I’m not sure.

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9 Responses to Blue Jackets 4, Blackhawks 3

  1. Caino says:

    A blob in a hole. I think Stan Jr is in a hole at this point. For legit cap reasons we traded away depth to retain a core that, most likely IMHO, can’t make it into the playoffs in a sport where 1/2 the teams get a shot. As other posters here have commented, it’s not about a one or two man trade to fix what’s wrong with this team. Hence, the hole. Can’t trade out of it, and can’t seem to get the core to carry games. No reason for this lineup to be the next Carolina. Yeah, this is an admittedly dark view, but not without reason. Any thoughts? Can this team get back the intensity it needs to make the playoffs? If not, what are the keys for 2011/2012?

  2. alpo says:

    Well, at least the trade deadline has been interesting as hell. Johnson, McClement and a conditional 1st for Stewart, Shattenkirk and a 2nd is a huge shake up for both teams. Kind of thinking Avs win this one.

    As for the Hawks, what else is there to say? It’s the been the same story all season. They pick up a win and we think they’ll start rolling. Except they always seem to crap the bed. It’ll be an interesting stretch run to see if the Hawks can squeak in.

  3. Jim says:

    After watching this season, I agree it’s the depth. They miss Ladd, Madden, Versteeg, Byfuglien, Sopel. Add those guys to the top players, and they go on a winning streak.

  4. Big Tony says:

    When an alternate C like Sharp admits they lost focus in the 2nd and let the momentum swing to an inferior team, it’s time to realize this team just doesn’t have any heart.

  5. Scott says:

    Something very odd going on in the room for sure. Looks pretty grim. Should be an interesting week. If it goes bad it will be interesting being a seller at the trading deadline.

    Hope it doesnt go badly.

    This season is not over yet….

  6. John says:

    Not sure what you’re saying Caino…the core has carried the Hawks for the past couple weeks with no support from the rest of the squad. They’ve now had two games in the last week where their top line accounted for 3 goals and no one else did anything.

    I’m not sure who you would have advocated keeping over whomever was let go but the end result would have likely been the same. I don’t really understand how one bad season is suddenly going to turn their core guys into a bunch of bums who will leave them in a perpetual state of NHL hell. I just don’t buy that.

    You’re right, it’s not going to one or two players coming in a trade that will really fix anything this season. But with an off-season in front of them, you would hope that Stan will learn from his mistakes, find better role players rather than simply settling on anyone making the minimum, and that should, at least, improve the team by about 8 or 10 points.

  7. Jim says:


    I re-read and thought about this a little more. The guys above were a big part of their penalty kill. I think that’s the difference this year. Last year their PK was lock down. This year so many game were lost in the third period by dumb penalties, then a weak PK. Last year you just knew the opposition wouldn’t score on a power play in a critical third period situation. This year, when the Hawks take a penalty in a critical momentum situation, you get a sinking feeling.

  8. Marts says:

    Not that I don’t agree with a lot of what has been said prior to my post but at 2-1 the Hawks had a chance to bury CBJ. A few missed opportunities and what shouldve been a 4-1 games was 4-2 going the other way. Yeah, the shots were approximately even but the Hawks had superior chances. Regardless of team (and this season the Hawks have been THE piss-away-chances team) you always get the feeling the game will get away if you don’t fill up on your chances. I know this doesn’t propose anything but luck’s a funny thing and when it doesn’t go your way it can be hard to work around.

    Great goal by Sharp in the Pens game!!

  9. Marts says:

    If I had to elaborate I would say maybe a lack of confidence in their ability to control a game from all 4 lines is causing our big guns to grip the stick a little tighter. I don’t know. I just feel like they’re always so close. Its the details that win games though and obviously they’re missing a little belief, depth, energy etc..

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