Blackhawks 4, Coyotes 3 (SO)

For the first time all season, the Blackhawks have reached 10 games over the .500 mark.  By beating the Coyotes in a shootout on Sunday, the Hawks have reached their high water mark of the season.  With an even bigger game tomorrow night in Minnesota, let’s hope it keeps moving in the upward direction.

On Sunday, the Hawks had a bit of a letdown from their penalty kill and it was the biggest obstacle in preventing Phoenix from getting a point.  In the end, though, they got two points and played strong in all three zones.  That’s all that matters anymore.


Rather than breaking down a game that will be an afterthought by Monday morning, let’s talk about the other big news of the weekend: Brent Seabrook’s 5-year, $29 million contract extension.  His average annual value comes out to $5.8.  For those curious how it shakes out, his first two years he’ll make a $5 million base with a $2 million bonus and $5 million his final three years. 

The thought that Seabrook was going to settle for a contract in the $4 million range is severely disillusioned.  

Team Canada selects 7 defensemen every four years for its national team.  Brent Seabrook was one of those seven last year.  He’s also one of the best 15 defensemen in the game.  He plays in all situations against the opposition’s top competition.  Oh yeah, he’s also just entering his prime.  

The bottom line is he got paid what he’s worth.  And while those massively long-term deals to minimize cap hits were en vogue for a couple years, the players have realized they can make far more money throughout their careers by signing more contracts.  Conversely, teams have realized maybe it isn’t the best thing in the world to lock up players to lifetime contracts then want them gone three years later.

A side-note: Dustin Byfuglien and Rick Dudley had little or nothing to do with Brent Seabrook’s negotiations.  It’s not like the Hawks and Seabrook were negotiating for a 5-year deal worth $22 million when Byfuglien and Atlanta agreed on his extension.  The fact is Seabrook was already looking for well over $5 million a year when Byfuglien signed his extension.  But why let the truth get in the way of another opportunity to blame Dustin Byfuglien one more time. 

–With Jordan Hendry going down tonight, Nick Boynton getting claimed by the Flyers, and the trade deadline looming, the Hawks will have a new defenseman by this time tomorrow.

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16 Responses to Blackhawks 4, Coyotes 3 (SO)

  1. Scott says:

    I didn’t think the buff deal killed a value but I felt it probably added a few hundred k a year. I knew he was getting 5 but the buff signing definitely gave seabrook leverage. I don’t care though. I’m just glad we got him signed.

  2. Marts says:

    Seabrook signed for $5.8 per is fine with me. Me thinks Hendry will be down for a while he looked like he was in bad shape. I’ll guess here and say he’s done for the season. Damn.

    What happened in the 2nd? I was playing myself and only caught the last minute of 2nd and all third. 1st appeared to be all Hawks and so was the 3rd (until about the 18:45 mark). Total meltdown or just classic joke PK??

  3. Cam says:

    “Total meltdown or just classic joke PK??”

    Two 50-ft shots through screens, the first nicely provided by Campbell and another Hawk. Then another shot from the point resulting in a rebound tap-in while Keith was daydreaming or something.

    On a side note, they need to give Brouwer some linemates with a pulse. He’s invisible with the crew he’s skating with now.

  4. OK, so today is the deadline. I have be honest and admit that I have not had time to follow all of the minutae.

    Who is out there that can help us and what do you think our (Bowmans’) chances are?

  5. Francis Roberts says:

    I am fine with the Seabs deal. I am sure everone wanted a deal for less money, but it is what it is. This is a market deal. The Hawks will have to make more than a few tough calls with players and money again this coming summer. Seabrook is not one of them.

  6. CT says:

    I for one welcome the start of the Garnet Exelby Era.

  7. dumdum alouwishes says:

    supposedly, Bowmans are going after Smid; but if you believe the chatter (and really, which is more fun) apparently,they want Leddy (which is ridiculous); also I heard another team (Fla?) wanted Kopecky…can’t remember if it was for Dman or F

  8. Marts says:

    A rumour up here (co-worker in Calgary is an Oilers fan) is Vandermeer to the Hawks (again). I think he would be more in-line with what we need than Smid but I seem to be way out of whack on personnel decisions lately…

    Exelby used to be pretty decent, I have no idea how badly he’s fallen off (assuming he has given where he is).

  9. Mike Calyn says:

    What do you folks think about the chatter concerning Dylan Olsen and Kyle Beach?

  10. Dominic says:

    What is the chatter with Olsen and Beach?

  11. Otter says:

    I would just liked to post that I didn’t see the game, I am happy the Hawks won, and the Oscars sucked…

  12. Otter says:

    Real_ESPNLeBrun: As Sir Bob just tweeted, Hawks source confirms Campoli to Chicago from Ottawa

  13. Otter says:

    Hawks give up a second round pick and Potulny. I guess that is sort of a lot for a guy to fill in for Hendry/Boynton… well the second round pick is a lot, Potulny whatevers.

  14. Marts says:

    On a related note, I just broke my Warrior Campoli last night (long story behind how I ended up with a Campoli – it’s not like they’re flying off the shelves). Anyways… I just hope last nights broken stick isn’t an indication of what will happen to Campoli. And before anyone asks, no I didn’t break a Warrior Johnsson the day before we dealt Barker…

  15. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Anyone who gets their Hockey trade updates from ESPN should be kicked in the nuts sorry. ESPN and hockey goes about as well together as Cubs fans and knowledge. Sorry baseball season is approaching soon 😉

    Campoli hmmm well thats disappointing. How many smaller puck moving defenseman do the Hawks need? B/C this guy makes 4

  16. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Hendry out for the year hopefully Campoli will fill in nicely

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