More Black Aces Added

The Blackhawks called up another seven players from Rockford today and added them to their black aces (or practice) squad which previously consisted of Garnet Exelby, Jassen Cullimore, Jeff Taffe, and Hannu Toivonen.  The players recalled were Rob Klinkhammer, Brandon Pirri, Shawn Lalonde, Ryan Stanton, Alec Richards, Jeremy Morin, and Brian Connelly.

There’s a few interesting/curious things from that.  The first one is why would the Hawks call up four guys one day and then two days later, recall another seven guys.  Not sure I really understand that but I’m sure Stan Bowman has his reasons, however arbitrary they might be.

Also of note is that Jeremy Morin was included on that list even though he hasn’t played in a game since January 15th.  He left that game with an upper body injury which is thought to be a concussion.  He had been practicing with the IceHogs prior to their season ending. 

The final interesting nugget is that Kyle Beach was left off the list.  I think it’s safe for everyone to start packaging Beach with Niklas Hjalmarsson in all your Hawk fantasy trades for this summer.  If this doesn’t serve as the final dagger in Beach’s tenure with the Hawks, it would be a stunning turn of events.

–Other items of interest today from the Hawks, Tomas Kopecky and Dave Bolland were both ruled out for Game 2.  Ryan Johnson will play.  Joel Quenneville sure made it seem like Fernando Pisani was going to take Kopecky’s place.  Though he later also added that John Scott could also play.

Before we all stick our heads in the oven imagining that scenario, it should probably serve as a reminder that no NHL coach is going tip his hand on roster decisions before he has to. however ridiculous they seem.  That being said, if John Scott dresses in the playoffs, it would be one of the worst decisions ever made in NHL history.

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30 Responses to More Black Aces Added

  1. AirTrafficAJ says:

    My brain hurts just considering the possibility of John Scott getting windburned from all the Nucks flying by him.

  2. Mick says:

    Would any team even take him? He’s easily the least talented player in the league. I’ve seen dusters at my rec league rat skate that belong in the NHL more than John Scott.

  3. Jerry Kayne says:

    In my opinion Kyle Beach will never make the big boy team. When I watched him play in the rookie camp and Ice Hogs he plays like a kid. No purpose and looks to make the big hit. Anyone that’s high on Beach has never seen him play.

  4. Marts says:

    Yeah, if that’s not 99.9% confirmation that Beach will never wear th feathers than I don’t know what would be. Just a general hypothesis here but, I’ve seen a lot of players of his ilk come through the WHL. Basically he’s blessed with man-strength at the age of 16. I recognize that he’s not some giant mutant or anything but, by and large, he was the size he is now at that developmental age. A lot of guys like him rely on their physical stature and their games never continue to grow/adapt. Not all guys do (which points towards their mental makeup which may be more important) and to a certain degree many of today’s NHL’ers were blessed with “man-strength” in Junior – but it’s a familar pattern. 900 odd points in the show is nothing to sneeze at, but I would say Lindros’ development pattern was somewhat similar. An absolute wrecking ball at all levels but when players finally caught up to his level of natural physical specimen through strength training, his hockey sense wasn’t where it needed to be.

    I recall seeing Beach play the Hitmen a couple years ago and he scored an early goal, got hacked pretty badly and then spent the next period cruising aimlessly through the neutral zone looking for savage hits. Straight Jungle B shit. Of course he was goaded into a fight and that was it. Sounds like much hasn’t changed.

    Kopecky out for Scott or the Drunk Buffalo isn’t too appealing tonight…

  5. CT says:

    Actually, this was something that Chris Block addressed with us on Monday. He said the prospects are not officially “brought up” until after they go through evaluations and exit interviews with the Ice Hogs. This is why the first group is made up of the NHL retread guys (and Jeff Taffe) and the second group is made up of younger players.

    And yes, Kyle Beach is conspicuous in his absence.

  6. John says:

    There you go. Thanks CT.

  7. Dominic says:


    Is there any possibility that Morin is ready to play?

  8. John says:

    Even if he was, I don’t see why that would be anything remotely close to a good idea. He hasn’t played in four months, coming off a fairly serious injury, and his first action will be in the highest level of play he’s ever participated in. That’s not a recipe for success, or perhaps more importantly, the best way to build up your important young players.

  9. Dominic says:

    I agree, do you believe if he remained healthy after junior tourney that he could have helped us. I realize that I get a little optimistic about these young guys and that they need some seasoning, but think he has the chance to be a good addition to the top six down the road.

  10. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Wow I was shocked when Beach wasn’t included in the 1st list of call ups, this 2nd group is clearly a 2nd tier group. Good call on Beach being moved the only question is how much value would he fetch? Was Beach was a Tallon guy? Good call on John Scott too, he is completed useless. On another note, I watched the Sharks games last night, Ben Eager had a solid bout with Westgarth last night, that was a guy the Hawks should have grabbed again, perfect 4th line physical player. He is exactly the type of guy this team lacks.

  11. John says:

    Judging by the way the Hawks threw Leddy into the fire without much concern for the long term consequences, I would say it’s safe to assume they would have done the same with Morin. Morin’s first professional season is the perfect example of a guy who would have been better served in juniors this year. When 19 year-old’s are forced to play against grown men before their physically able, you get the season Morin had where he couldn’t stay healthy for more than a couple weeks at a time. They got lucky with Leddy staying healthy; Morin, not so much. Hopefully this isn’t something that perpetually effects his career.

  12. BobbyJet says:

    Could it that Q is so old school thinking that he would consider playing Bolland or Morin after both being out so long with head injuries and obviously not in game shape? I certainly hope not …. but if not, why bother to call Morin up? I just don’t get it.

  13. BobbyJet says:

    … not to mention Morin’s “entry level contract”. As I recall, he is one game away from using this year up.

  14. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    I have been completed unimpressed with some of Bowman’s roster moves and financial decisions. Bowman was a guy I really wanted to back but honestly it seems like he makes bad decision after bad decision. This roster is so flawed. With the absense of Bolland you have 1 legit center, and Ryan Johnson. Johnson has been okay but he’s just a scrap heap guy. John I completely agree with you about Leddy and Morin now they have no choice but to rush these guys b/c you need bodies, there is zero chance you repeat a championship when you are counting on something from these guys on your 3/4 lines and your 3rd d pairing. Here come the Hawks,…… ;-(

  15. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    does the entry contact include playoffs?

  16. John says:

    Morin was called up probably to get some skating in, experience what the playoffs are like a little, and that’s pretty much it. Games played in the playoffs do not count against a year burning off his contract. He could play every game from here on out and still have three years left on his contract starting next year.

  17. Jerry Kayne says:

    I’m sure the Black Hog guys are there to get some NHL playoff experience with the big team, albeit not on the ice. Also, those that can skate probably will simulate the opponent in practice drills.

    And no way will they jeopardize Morin’s health. I completely disagree with the old school thinking that seasoning can only take place in the minors. Leddy has come along perfectly. He’s much better than 80% of every other team’s 2nd line defensemen. I’d say he was our #4 D man this year after Hammer’s new contract freakout performance.

  18. John says:

    I would hardly say that Leddy has come along perfectly or that he’s better than 80% of every other team’s second pairing. I’d suggest watching some of the teams still playing. He still doesn’t play on any of the special teams when he could’ve been doing it in Rockford all year. The fact that he’s played the role of a #6 d-man, there were better ways for the Hawks to fill that gap for one year without potentially stunting the growth or risking injury to one of their prized prospects.

  19. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    I just waiting to see which “role player” is going to step up in this match up. I like to see Stalberg provide value but I am not counting on it, I have a feeling Ben Smith is going to be that guy. I like his play out there although I am not really expecting anything out of him.

  20. Baltobob says:

    The Canuck-Hawk game reminded me of the old Red Wing-Hawk playoff games where the Wngs would come down and punish Chelios and Sutter to the point where they were dragging. The Hawks may need to bring Scott in to remind the Cancks to play hockey. A great deal of the Hawk offense starts out of the defensive zone. Some of those outlet passes are remarkable. Didn’t hear much from the Sedins.

  21. alpo says:

    If Scott is in the line up and the Canucks play hockey they’ll kill us.

  22. Jim says:

    I’ve been thinking about the Canucks today. I’m really looking forward to tonights game, I think it’s the pivotal one. Anything can happen, including the Hawks winning in a blowout.

    The Blackhawks winning this series would be so sweet. Vancouver is so steeped in their team. They are so full of bravado now. If they lost this series to the Hawks **again** the angst of the Vancouver fan base, the disarray of their front office in the aftermath, the firing of the coach! The Schadenfreude of the whole thing would be sheer ecstasy.

    The Canucks are very good. And my gut tells me they’ll beat the Blackhawks. However, when I think about it a little more, this is not a done deal. For one thing, nobody else in the Canuck’s division even made the playoffs, while the Blackhawks had 3, and of those two, they beat Detroit and Nashville a couple of times. Yes, and with the weak 3rd and 4th lines, soft, and all. Yes, they lost the last game to Detroit, but they had to beat Detroit the day before in order to make the points. They were being asked to beat Detroit 6 times in a row this year, come on, even the might Canucks can’t do that.

    What I’m saying is that the Blackhawks are still a good team. I do think the Frolick and Campoli are good players, undersized but fast and with some skill. The top 2 lines match up decent, so Vancouver would rely on 3 and 4 do do it for them. There is too much talk of Vancouver just walking away with this, this isn’t the NBA, this is the NHL, and the Blackhawks aren’t a bottom feeder.

  23. Cam says:

    “and the Blackhawks aren’t a bottom feeder.”

    Well, they sure are portraying one on my TV screen.

  24. Cam says:

    Another lucky goal for Vancouver at the end of the second should be the official dagger for the series.

    Too bad. I’d have at least to see the arrogant Canadian media sweat a little.

  25. Jim says:

    Yea, that third Vancouver goal hurt. I held out some hope after Ben Smith’s goal. Vancouver getting some nice deflections in from around the blue line the last couple of games.

    Hawks are game, but it’s going to take more than just running around grinding. Vancouver’s defense is good. It ain’t over yet, but the fat lady is warming up…..

  26. Cam says:

    Hard to beat an elite team with Boland, Brouwer, Sharp, Campbell, Hossa, Johnson and now Bickell either out or injured.

  27. Cam says:

    And Kopecky. How could I forget Kopecky?

  28. baltobob says:

    A great Hawk effort with four rookies in the line-up. It looked like pond hockey by the Hawks somwtimes, and the defense was overworked, but a very gritty effort. Looking forward to game 3.

  29. spudskie says:

    One positive from tonight has been the play of Smith.

  30. Cam says:

    Smith scored three times, twice for the Hawks and once for the Canucks.

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