Game 3: Canucks 3, Blackhawks 2

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  The Hawks went into the third period tied.  They left it down. 

As has been the trend this season, someone on the Hawks makes a critical mistake at the worst possible time and the ending is the Hawks lose. 

This time it was Corey Crawford’s turn.  At the seven minute mark of the final frame and his team in desperate need of a line change, Crawford had a perfect opportunity to get a whistle as the Canucks fired an unscreened 45 foot turn around wrister on net. 

Instead, Crawford kicked the rebound out right towards the middle of the slot.  The Canucks, not surprisingly, won the battle to the loose puck, and Mikael Samuelsson back-handed the winner past Crawford.

On the other side of the ice, Roberto Luongo robbed Patrick Kane of two sure goals, once in the first and once in the third and both with glove saves.  

That’s your difference between winning and losing Game 3 right there.  Don’t overthink it.

Yup, Here Literally Goes Nothing

–Here’s the thing that makes hockey different from baseball or basketball, everyone who suits up for the game is going to make a difference in said game, positively or negatively.  When it’s playoff hockey, the difference is magnified ten-fold.  So when Joel Quenneville decided to dress John Scott in the most important game of the season, I simply don’t see how it can be greeted with a shrug of the shoulders or a smile.

The trickle down of Scott dressing effects the entire line-up.  Not only does it mean the Hawks have a slug on their fourth line who is incapable of doing anything, it also means their top wingers are getting double-shifted throughout the game making them doubly tired should they be chasing a lead.  Patrick Kane should not be skating 26 minutes in a non-overtime game.  Ben Smith, for the love of all things holy, cannot be skating 20 minutes in any type of NHL game. 

Basically, dressing Scott forces the Hawks, by their own hand, to skate with one less player.  If this is too difficult to comprehend, I don’t know how else to explain it. 

The funny thing was the best hit Scott had all night was during warm-ups on his own teammate.  During the scramble drill at the end of warm-ups, everyone was surrounding Turco just jabbing at the puck.  Once the puck goes in the net, everyone circles away from the net, picks up a puck and shoots on the vacated net.  You know how it goes.

Anyways, Scott was the one who scored on Turco.  So as everyone is skating in their own direction, Scott decides to celebrate his achievement by doing the ‘scoop the ice cream’.  He got on one knee and dragged his hand across the ice before lifting up his fist in victory.  Naturally, Scott wasn’t paying attention and has he had his head down, he ran right into Michael Frolik sending him helicoptering into the air.  You had to see it to believe it.

Other interesting items from the ‘dressing heard ’round the world’: In the opening skate before the anthems, Scott came ever so closely to bumping Ryan Kesler as they met at center ice.  A linesman stood there for the remaining minute or so.

I cannot believe the Hawks thought putting John Scott on the power play was what ailed them.  I also cannot believe how awful Scott looked trying to screen Luongo.  

The icing on the cake tonight was Scott taking an atrocious interference penalty at the halfway point of the second period.  Vancouver scored seven seconds into the penalty, added another goal 54 seconds later, and John Scott never touched the ice again. 

What a night.

–Wait, another pass just bounced off Ben Smith’s stick.

–I suspect Raffi Torres will get double the suspension he just came off of 4 games for his hit on Brent Seabrook.  While he should have been hit with a 5 minute major, the other disturbing part of the incident was how the Hawks simply let Brent Seabrook go right back on the ice following the huge head hit.  

The Hawks basically ignored the newly installed NHL protocol, asked Seabrook a question or two on the bench (what is he going to say?), then sent him right back out there.  It took two shifts for the Hawks to realize something was clearly wrong.  Even though on his first shift back, Seabrook looked as though it was his second day on skates. 

Mercifully, someone from the medical staff stepped in and took Seabrook off the bench and into the quiet room.  

He returned to the action at the start of the third period.  See, that wasn’t so hard.  Instead, the Hawks recklessly risked the life and limb of someone they just signed to a 6-year deal, $30 million deal.

–Nick Leddy took one of the worst angles you’re ever going to see in professional hockey on Vancouver’s second goal.  With Alex Edler rushing down the left wing wall, Leddy attacked Edler on his left shoulder.  The problem was by the time Leddy got there, Edler was already screaming past him.  Meanwhile, Duncan Keith was left having to defend between the pass and the shot.  Edler got it over to Sedin and it was in the back of the net.

–While the knee-jerk reaction by most I’m sure is how awful the Hawks are and everyone needs to go, let’s take a step back and examine things.  The Hawks have lost three games thus far by a margin of four goals, the last two being one goal games that could have gone either way.  They finished the season three points from hosting a playoff series.  The difference between winning and losing is clearly not that far off.  So before we rip down our Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews’ Fatheads, light fire to our Duncan Keith jersey, or attempt to poison Marian Hossa’s dinner, let’s try to keep things in perspective and the fact is, the margin of victory in professional hockey is razor thin.

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85 Responses to Game 3: Canucks 3, Blackhawks 2

  1. Muhr says:

    Am I the only one who has a bad case of ‘whogivesafukitus’?

    Yes, I still hope the nucks plane hits a mountain on the way home from the sweep.

    The only takeaway from tonight is that we can take heart in knowing that these idiots will recieve yet another 2nd round defeat from whomever decides to face them.

  2. Mick says:

    There were rumblings on Twitter about Scott dressing before I left for the game. I figured it was just noise, but before the warm-ups, there he is, announcing his dressing for the tilt on the big screen. My Dad pointed out the collision to me after it had happened. I’m glad we’re not the only ones who noticed how stupid he looked celebrating a warm-up goal.

    They lost this game the second they submitted their starting roster with John Scott’s name on it. I usually don’t get drunk during games, but I decided to have more than just a beer when I saw Scott hop over the boards on the PP. He was lost out there, had no clue how to properly position himself to screen Luongo, and his asshole grin made me want to rip my own dick off.

    My tickets for Tuesday have been officially sold.

  3. Jim says:

    Is it possible we are seeing the real Western Conference final right now, Vancouver vs. Chicago?

    The Canucks were a tough draw in round 1 for the Blackhawks. They’ve played Vancouver close, and could be up 2-1 in this series, but for a couple of seeing eye deflections, and a post here or there. The Blackhawks have handled the other teams left in the West. I guess we’ll see as the Canucks move on. I think the Blackhawks are just about 3 good players short of making a run back from down 3-0 in a series. And I agree, no complete overhaul necessary, but we need more smart veteran help, and maybe a tad bit more size and toughness.

  4. Lee says:

    This team went downhill starting the day that Dale Tallon left and Scotty and his his nitwit son took over. Got rid of anyone over 200Lbs and kept everyone under 150 except he picked up a 6′ 8″ goon that my grandscon skates better than

  5. Mick says:

    Amen Lee.

  6. Steve from Rockford says:

    Jim, this is not near the Western Conference Finals. The Hawks are what they are, a team that backed into the playoffs. Plenty of teams better than them in the playoffs whom we did not handled the Predators, The Ducks, The Sharks nor the Wings. All of those teams are better than the Hawks.

    Hopefully the right moves are made, because we are close to being a threat again. Years like this happen, it is up to the organization to make sure we do not see something like we for a decade+

  7. John says:

    Hawks were 4-2 against Detroit, 3-1-2 against Nashville, and 2-2 against Anaheim. Hardly teams that handled the Hawks with ease. Nor did they back into the playoffs. They simply cost themselves by where they were positioned in the standings.

  8. Mick says:


    Vancouver was a tough draw, but to watch this team and not see the need for a MAJOR overhaul, your blinders must be on. No offense. We have no depth. Period. Jake Dowell sucks goat cock, Pisani is a waste of human flesh, Scott is a waste of breathable air, Bickell just shot another 45′ wristsr, Brouwer’s production is as deflated as Detroit’s economy, Johnson isn’t what we need, Frolik = Skille. Thats at least seven skaters that we can do without. Scratch that: we MUST do without them. And, unless Sharp is willing to be a big boy and play center, we need to find someone to play center for Hossa, otherwise we should just launch him too. What’s he really worth in all honesty when he’s injured for long stretches and can’t find chemistry with anyone other than Toews? And there’s the whole Boland eating through a straw problem. If he can’t stay healthy, does he belong? No. With Kruger the likely third line center after camp, are we really planning on having him center Hossa long term? That seems like a disaster eating to happen considering his often both of those guys are out injured.

    A bit long winded, but the point is, there are major questions to be answered after this type of exit. Do you think Scotty, I mean Stan is up for the task? The same dick masseuse that targeted John Scott for a two year contract on July 1st, the very first day of free agency, when he’s literally swimming in defenseman in Rockford. The same guy who announces that he doesnt expect an offer sheet for Hjalmarsson, basically inciting his team’s demise. Also, people seem to forget that he wasnt selling programs on the concourse while Dale was stuffing the team to the gills with salary. Bowman was Assistant GM and was well aware of the looming capogedden. Yet the blame falls on Dale.

    Lee is right. The Bowman regime must either fall or make a serious run for the next decade to wipe this shit off of our collective face.

  9. Nick says:

    I’m sorry, but I will not blame Crawford for allowing 1 bad goal. That is real fucking weak. And don’t even mention Ehrhoff’s goal, Hossa screened him, it was PP, and Hossa could have dropped down to block or at least try to get a stick on it.

    The fact that John Fucking Scott was dressed was the waving of the white flag. Anyone of the available Ice Hogs would have been an instant upgrade as they can actually skate. Thanks for the needless penalty big guy.

    As for the, “all the games were close” arguement, please spare me. The games against SJ last year were close and they got swept. Doesn’t matter if by 1 or 100, you fucking lost. Close doesn’t cut it.

  10. Mike says:

    Where is this teams pride? Not one hawk answered the bell after seabrook’s hit.Hey bowman you should be run out of town,the way you built this no touch hockey team. Maybe this summer you can get a few more Pisani type plaers.Have a nice summer!!! Bring back tallon1

  11. Mike says:

    Where is this teams pride? Not one hawk answered the bell after seabrook’s hit.Hey bowman you should be run out of town,the way you built this no touch hockey team. Maybe this summer you can get a few more Pisani type plaers.Have a nice summer!!! Bring back tallon!

  12. Jim says:

    I’m also disappointed in the result of this series. I wanted the Blackhawks to win, because I really enjoy watching Chicago NHL hockey, and I’m sorry it’s ending for the year.

    However, there can be a tendency to over react. Often, in life, it’s small adjustments that can make a major difference. Have a healthy Bolland, and perhaps we are only down 1-2, or even up 3-0 at this point? Perhaps. We have a solid core. We didn’t have the depth to assist the core this year. We found out spending all of the cash on the core was not the answer (long term), you need balance, which is budget for some tough nosed defense who can block shots. And maybe a 2-3 line center.

    I think this becomes a nice debate on the best way to distribute cap money. I haven’t looked into how Vancouver has done it, but that would be a good place to start. Somehow they overcame their huge contract to Lu and the Sedins to have a lot of depth.

  13. John says:

    Right Nick, all the games were close but you didn’t see Doug Wilson blow up everything like so many people in Chicago apparently want to do. I’d recommend comprehending what I wrote.

    Holy crap, Vancouver lost to the Hawks two years in a row, both times it was fairly close, and the Canucks didn’t rip everything down and start over again. They added pieces where they needed to and now look at where they’re at.

    I think people need to have some perspective that it’s not as bad as they want to make it out to be.

  14. John says:

    Jim–For my money, there is no debate on spending the cash on the core, in general. Everyone in the league pays their stars. However, it’s the fringe core guys that are causing all the headaches. Hossa, Hjalmarsson, Campbell, you know the names by now. Regardless, people seem to forget that this year the Hawks are operating with $4 million less than every other team.

    Come talk to us after this season when Vancouver has to part ways with a few of their players as well. They have a lot of depth right now because of the way their contracts fell but several key players are playing on expiring contracts like Kevin Bieksa for example. Let’s just see how many players they lose before we try to mimick everything they do.

  15. BobbyJet says:

    Don’t overthink it indeed. Lu stole the game and Crawford essentially choked (again) in the 3rd period.

    Canucks were ready to go down and we saw the same old, same old, we’ve been seeing all year.

    Gawd I hope Salak ends up to be an NHL goalie!

  16. alpo says:

    Eh, I still kind of want to poison Marian Hossa’s dinner. Last night the Big 3 of Toews, Kane and Sharp came to play. But like last year’s playoffs, Marian Hossa hasn’t been noticeable to me at all except for his -3. He deserves some leeway for having to play with lesser linemates but, geez, he enters the season like a lion and leaves like a newborn lamb.

    People can hate on Bickell (I do all the time), but 17 goals for $541,667 is some nice bang for your buck. Let’s hold off on the firing squad for Bickell since, technically, he is a rookie. At least we can all identify one tangible skill he has unlike Pisani, Scott or Dowell.

    The disappearance of Troy Brouwer is mind boggling. People got pissed at Buff’s yo-yo play but I’m more frustrated with Brouwer. We’ve seen the flashes of a solid wrister, net presence and physicality. And with this being a contract year for him, I thought he’d break out in a big way and do what Andrew Ladd did this year. Last year they had almost identical stats. The silver lining I guess is Brouwer will be affordable if the Hawks still want him.

  17. JM says:

    Half this team looks exhausted, the other half unbearable.

    But you are right, despite losing our bottom two lines, and a valuable penalty killing d-man, we were still 2 points from the 4th seed, and have kept the scores respectable.

    On the other hand, while the scores have been close, it seems to be more the style Vancouver is playing. I have little doubt that if Kane did bury his chances, Vancouver would’ve only played more aggressively offensively and gotten them back.

    Like someone said on the day we thought the Hawks were going to miss the playoffs, I’ve had a hell of a time getting into this team all year. To go from a team that we watched come together over a few years, where every player could adequately fill thier role, to this year’s squad, where the stars are overworked and less effective becuase the bottom is non-existant has been tough.

    Bowman had a tough task last summer, but he still failed pretty badly. All I can do is hope he does a better job evaluating bottom 6 talent this go round.

    And the John Scott thing was embarrasing. He cannot skate in the NHL, which was evident to anyone with no hockey knowledge whatsoever. That Q dressed him, then put him on the goddamned power play, was a joke. A joke made worse by Konroyd giving him the Carcillo treatment every time he hit the ice.

  18. Otter says:

    Hey this is disappointing, but was it over when the Flyers lost game three to the Bruins? (okay, not getting my hopes up, this series is ovar).

    Anyway, I’ll talk rearming when the series is officially over, but I don’t think the Hawks need to blow things up since they aren’t that far away and I think trading Kane, Keith, Seabrook or any one else in the core would be beyond stupid. So if we’re talking 4th line players, that’s not really blowing things up.

  19. Dominic says:

    Again, barely a mention of what Bolland would bring. It would make a huge difference. Consider though we are down 3-0, we are not getting blown out 5-0 4-1 etc…we are in the games. I know, there is no consolation. Point is, chill out with the blow up crap. People bashing Crawford..hilarious..

    did anyone find it ironic that Torres barely touched the ice in the third? Don’t recall seeing him out there. (I could be wrong) He had to back his guy in the presser, but knows how dumb that play was. He knows if he played him more, somebody was gonna run one of his better players. Totally bush league stuff. Torres will be suspended rest of year.

    There are some good lessons to be learned. Enough finger pointing etc about roster, who left, who’s here. It is what it is. Bottom line your leaders have to lead and make others better, not the other way around. Not an easy formula with injuries down the stretch.

    We are a player or two from being elite again. Actually just needed Bolland to be healthy. Lets not forget that Detroit is on the down swing. Possibility of Lidstrom retiring and 4 other 35plus guys… As someone mentioned above, Cannucks win or lose will revamp their roster too.

    So to all the whiners cut it out…show some composure. Some clown out there, who watches all his games like we do, on TV, tells us that Kruger is minimum two years away etc…after watching him play 3 games. Crap like that is comedy.

    Well I guess that is my rant. Will remain an optimist regardless of the frustration. All the pressure is now off, lets see if we can win one.

  20. JM says:

    I don’t think this team needs an overhaul as much as a nice vacation.

  21. Chris says:

    Hey guys, Vancouver resident and Nucks fan here. Don’t overreact to what is happening in this series. Our team has suffered some tough defeats at the Hawks hands over the past couple years. Our GM was smart enough to make a few moves but not blow up the core of the team. You guys are one year removed from capturing the Cup. I would suggest that some tinkering to your roster, and NOT an overhaul, is all that’s needed. You have some great high-end talent there.

  22. Patrick says:

    John – you hit the nail on the head with your last post in the reply line.

    Personally, while it’ll suck, I think an early exit will save the Hawks a few hundred grand off of contracts they’ll want to renew (in my order – Crawford, Brouwer, Campoli and Frolik – maybe T-Kop, but unlikely).

    One final thing, at least the Hawks won the Cup and made the playoffs this year. I still like this team a lot.

  23. Dave says:

    The team doesn’t need an overhaul, and we definitely don’t need to run bowman out of town. Clearly he has an unhealthy attraction for smaller, less physical players, but other than that I don’t think he’s done a bad job of keeping the core group together.

    The problem is that our stars need to get rested, and we need to light a fire under some asses- I’m looking at you, Brouwer and Keith! And I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying Frolik = Skille, because I couldn’t disagree more. Similar production? Sure- but my god Skille made hits at least, and he drove to the net. Granted nothing ever came of those tries, but I’d rather see that play than Folik lobbing pucks in from the blue line.

    Going to stop before I rant, but I don’t think we need an overhaul. I would support trading Keith to get some bigger bodies up front. For me, he’s been the biggest disappointment of all this season. He’s been calling it in, playing like he starts drink at noon, call what you want, but he has NOT earned his contract this season, and he has NOT played like a Norris Trophy defenseman should.

  24. I too will remain an optimist regardless of the frustration.

    That said, I will be watching the off season moves very carefully.

  25. John says:

    Perhaps we should wait and see how Keith plays next year when he’s not playing 30 minutes a night right out of the gate. His season was the equivalent of a pitcher throwing 125+ pitches in every April and May start. And we’re supposed to be shocked that he didn’t play up to expectations? He was a puddle by the second month of the season.

  26. alpo says:

    O, lawdy lawdy! Duncan Keith has a “bad” season right after his Norris Trophy winning one. So we need to can his ass outta town? These calls reek of terrible asset management. Why sell low?

  27. franklyspeaking says:

    It is what it is boys. 5 rookies in the lineup and a few has beens. What did we expect? The only thing that pisses me off is that the Hawks management and marketing arm tried to sell this as a defense of the Cup. How about a little honesty eh? Yes we are defending but we are also rebuilding. Do we need to blow things up….no way….Do I wish we had a better judge of talent than Scotty Jr. you bet.

    Hossa needs a center to be effective.

    We need a fourth line that can eat 10 minutes and score 25 goals and not give up any.

    We need a coach who will stick with a line for more than 5 minutes before playing musical chairs.

    We need to learn to play more than run and gun hockey. A trap might help if we are nicked up or tired.

    All of these are achievable without a huge remake.

  28. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    No doubt Coach Q was reaching with John Scott, but when your team fails to grab a lead in 2 games and drops the 3rd game in a best of 7, it really doesn’t matter much. This team is done and honestly it’s no one player on the ice’s fault. This team was against it all season thanks to their roster and Van proved it again and they will prove it on Tuesday too. Hopefully Stan see’s the holes on this roster and makes the changes to field a stronger team next year

  29. Marts says:

    While I think we are under-manned (Bolland, Kopecky et al), Scott a terrible decision etc. etc., the Hawks have been very unfortunate to not have 1 win at this point. I think I could make a non-homerism arguement for 2 wins as well, but 1 would seem fair to me. These are the breaks though. Much like the Hawks last year, Vancouver has strength in depth and bounces “tend” to favour those teams. I think we are a couple Kane should’ve been “sure-thing” goals from 1 win and I think if Hossa was anything other than out right bad we could easily have two wins. Maybe I’m a little too optimistic in my outlook but game 1 could’ve been a lot different too.

    Biggest things I’ve taken from this series:
    – Ben Smith looks to be a gamer. I don’t see him as top 6 material but I think he’s got a good eye for the game and has enough skill to pose a threat on the 3rd line.
    – Hossa needs to wake the fuck up. He’s been bad and how about you hussle for a line-change once in a while?
    – Hjalmarsson has looked better in this series than he has all season. It’s making me re-think his value for next season (which I wasn’t high on as of last Monday).
    – I don’t think there’s room on this roster for Frolik and Kruger. One or the other please. They are both soft danglers. Personally I would probably part with Frolik.
    – Until the league parts with the instigator (never happens IMO) you top up your roster with Steve Ott’s, Maxim Lapierre’s etc. before a John Scott. I hate those types of guys but the league rules have allowed players like them to be difference makers. There are no need for nuclear deterents out there anymore. If you want to be “grittier” you chuck one of those assholes out and let them go nuts because nobody can do anything about it (and please don’t assume I’m saying Lapierre has been a difference maker in this series – he hasn’t. He was last year for Montreal’s run.)

  30. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    The bottom 2 lines of this roster and half of their D pairings need to be replaced and upgraded. Here isn’t one “keeper” on that group

  31. G Man says:

    Re Dave’s POV that the team doesn’t need an overhaul… we played Toews, Frolik, Sharp and Dowell at center last night. And our top line had to play against the Sedin line all night because no one else could. We have no defensemen that can generate offense from the point (a key reason why the PP has sucked for a month). We have some major changes coming this summer, and we are going to have to make some very tough choices. Falling in love with our own cannot be part of the mix… as an example, resigning Hjammer for $3.5/ year has turned out to be a very bad deal.

  32. John says:

    Dave Bolland will be there. I think you can pretty much guarantee they’re going to sign at least one center, maybe two on July 1st.

    As for the rest of your points, I think it’s ridiculous to say the Hawks have no d-men who can generate offense on a team with Duncan Keith and Brian Campbell. Also, please look at what every other team with stars does after losing in the playoffs. They don’t rip everything down. If that was the case, San Jose, Vancouver, Nashville, and Anaheim would be shells of their former selves and the only team who would ever win is Detroit. But they lost last year, so they should’ve cleaned house there too.

    I shudder to think how Hawk fans would react if they had a roster like that of the Sharks who have had playoff disappointment after disappointment and they essentially roll the same top 6 year after year, only re-shuffling the bottom of their deck.

  33. Marts says:

    Oh, and I’m sure the arguement for Scott was obviously size in front of 7uongo but that’s nonsense. Yes, Buff’s big ass helped, but what really made him good in front of the next was willingness to face-up on shots coming in, to take abuse and his soft hands. Look at Holmstrom. Christ, most guys I know skate and shoot better than him (and are bigger too), but he has the will, positioning and softhands in front. Funny thing is that with the way rules are now it’s easier than ever to park in the crease and nobody has the bits to do it. Except Toews and I want him working off the goal line.

    As for blowing up the roster? No. Look at your core, and than ghost roster your desire at all other spots (e.g. Chief asshole on 3rd line, shot blocker PK 6th d-man, 4th line centre that’s >50% on draws), analyze whether the men you have can fill those roles, and then move them if they cannot. We have a collection of elite talent and I would hate to see us piss it away for 60 cents on the dollar…

  34. paul says:

    I’m a Vancouver fan and I am baffled by the talk about running so and so or fireing Bowman. You guys are one year removed from the Stanley Cup. Trust me Canucks fans no how frustrating it is to lose, but you guys have a good team. They say the toughfest thing in Sports in not winning the Stanley Cup, but rather repeating as Stanley Cup Champs. The Blackhawks will rise again, but when they do it be nice if they could knock out San Jose and Detroit for us.

    Oh Yeah and for the guy that was interested in cap numbers you can go to to compare teams. The Canucks injuries have been a blessing in disguise because we recieve cap relief for man games lost to injury and Vancouver was one of the most injured teams all year. We lost Salo for most the year, Edler for half the year, Malhotra is done, Burrows was out for over a month, Hamhuis missed time at 3 different points this year. So we were able to theoretically spent over the cap because of the compensation….now in the playoffs were salaries don’t apply we can field an almost healthy team.

    Also we got a bargain deal on the twins 6.1m each. Kesler makes 5m. Raymond, Samuelson and Malhotra all make 2.5m. Edler, whom many are comparing to the next Lidstrom makes 3.3m. You want to know how we have depth……that’s it. By Comparison Kane and Toewes cap hit is 6.3, Hossa is 5.3m, Cambells is 7m, Keiths s 5.5m.

  35. Tom says:

    @Otter: Was it OVER when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor…?

    This team hardly needs an overhaul, they are hanging in there with the best team in the NHL without a valid 2nd or 3rd line center. It’s looked to me like the “core” has been exhausted for quite some time now, a vacation will do them good and this should be a priceless experience for them and the rookies, most of whom have played pretty well. Maybe after this year they’ll stop acting like they can just show up for training camp exhausted and hungover and contend…

  36. Zipperfish says:

    All right, laying the whole thing at the feet of John Scott speaks volumes. The guy is a desperate minor league call-up. What did you really think? That he was going to turn the whole series around with some awesome By-floog-ien-ness (yes, it’s a word!)?

    Dumping all over this poor shmuk has all the class of a Raffi Torres hit.

  37. Dominic says:

    Did I just read right, that there is no further discipline for Torres? Creates quite a story line. Do we have anyone who can go out and run all their guys? Would Klinkhammer do it?

    Should be nice motivation for the game tomorrow. Hopefully it will give us a reason to win one game.

  38. Zipperfish says:


    Re: No suspension for Torres,

    More likely scenario is that Chicago still loses, and a last dicth effort to bring Bollard back fails as he is searching the ice for missing teeth due to huge Torres hit, while Vancouver is celebrating the sweep.

  39. John says:

    Zipperfish, I assume you’re a Vancouver fan and clearly have no idea that I’m hardly blaming this loss on John Scott. Rather I’m trying to explain why dressing him was and has been a mistake for this entire season and why every player who dresses for the team makes a difference.

  40. Lee says:

    My Summer will be much better, now that it’s confirmed that Torres received nothing, if someone does run one of their “stars” tomorrow. Were going to lose the series anyway so give me something to feel good about.

  41. ArlingtonRob says:

    Disappointed yes, but not surprised or upset.

    This offseason is the big test for Bowman and Co. More available cap space and definite needs. Should be interesting.

    I’m already looking forward to camp opening in September.

  42. Lee says:

    Q, a royal fuck up, Havy gone to Florida, Kitchen a big time idiot and Bowman a geek with no hockey sense. What is there to look forward to next year?

  43. John says:

    Your health.

  44. CT says:

    Lee, didn’t you spend all last year bitching about THAT Blackhawks team wasn’t tough enough?

    It’s fine if you feel that way, but I’m not sure you’re the one who should be passing judgment on anybody’s hockey sense.

  45. Cam says:

    I agree with the Hawks needing another offensive D-man. It is a major issue on the PP. Keith is at his best jumping in on plays, not shooting pucks off shin guards from the points. And Campbell is nearly useless offensively. It takes him ten shots to hit the net. Last night on the 5-on-3, he had a huge lane to shoot and shot the puck into the ice, dribbling it 10 feet short of the goal. And he’s got hold-on-to-it itis, though he’s certainly not the only one. Can’t recall the last time I saw a team hold onto the puck for nearly 2 minutes of their own PP without shooting.

    Someone needs to figure out what is wrong with Hossa. Is he hurt again or just a bad fit with this team? Because I rarely notice him anymore.

    One really thing about this season is that Morin was hurt for most of it. i don’t know how he could be ready for a top-6 spot next year now. I’d think Kruger will get a year in Rockford which will do him good. Brandon Pirri really came on at the end of the year which is a positive though the young defensemen look to be years away.

  46. John says:

    Good thing Nick Leddy is here then for all those in desperate need of an offensive d-man.

    And I would add about the Campbell one-timer you’re referencing, that’s an incredibly difficult shot to get off as the puck was coming from the right corner as Campbell was standing to the left side.

  47. Eric says:

    Interesting on the Scott “trickle down” but I want to disagree with the argument being put forth.

    Of course, it could be the disappointment over the current 3-0 series deficit guiding my thinking but I decided to look at the stat sheets from the first 3 games.

    First off, that Scott penalty was as good an embellishment as you’ll see. What bothered me more was Crawford and the pk not keeping the puck out of the net on a point shot with little to no screen. That’s a goal that can’t be scored if this team wants to win.

    Without posting too much minutia of ice data couldn’t Kane, and even Smith’s (since he was promoted higher up in the lineup) higher ice time in game 3 be due to the multiple pp opportunities the Hawks had?

    Kane had 2:43 min in game 1 of pp time.
    Kane had 2:23 min in game 2 of pp time.
    Kane had 5:40 min in game 3 of pp time.

    Smith had :04 secs of pp time through games 1 & 2, but in game 3 coach Q gave Smith 2:44 secs of pp time. Similarly, Smith’s shifts went up progressively from 19 to 22, to a high in game 3 of 29!

    Even though John Scott saw some pp time (1:12 time) I hardly doubt him being in the lineup resulted in Q taxing the rest of the roster, especially given the way the fourth line had been used this season.

    Of course injuries can play a role, losing Kopy in game 2 resulted in some line juggling and minute managing, possibly even double shifting in some cases.

    And then there’s this:
    Patrick Sharp played fewer minutes in game 3 than he did in game 2.
    Marian Hossa played almost the same amt of minutes in gm 3 as in gm 2.
    Brouwer fewer in gm 3 than in gm 2.
    Frolik fewer in gm3 than in gm 2.
    Kruger fewer in gm 3 than in gm 2.

    Where’s the trickle down effect there?

    Now, V. Stalberg played 5 more shifts and about 3 more minutes, but he also moved up in the lineup for game 3.

  48. Lee says:

    CT, are you fucking nuts. yes I did spend all year bitching about the lack of toughness and what did it get me, a 6’8″ goon who can’t skate. are you trying to tell me that this team is tough, they are the softest team in the league and that ends tomorrow and don’t talk to me about hockey sense I have been a season ticket holder since 1970 and a hockey coach so I think I have a little hockey sense and this team was not built to win another cup. Yes Dale Tallon caused the cap problem,, ie Campbell, but Bowman Jr. is a fucking moron. John and Bob, where is Dave Morris to help me here?

  49. John says:

    Eric–Interesting rebuttal, but I would point out it’s a trickle down effect from the entire season, not just this one game. If it were in a vacuum, I’d say your point is very well-justified.

    You also said the way Q has used the fourth line this season. Why has the 4th line been used so little this year? Because Scott was on it for the majority. When the Hawks started rolling with their 8 game winning streak, it was when Kopecky-Johnson-Stalberg manned the 4th unit and could play 8-10 minutes a game. Every second that one of them is out on the ice is a second that Toews, Kane, Sharp, and Hossa aren’t. It all adds up and by the third period, their legs will be fresher.

    Regardless of comparing ice times, the Hawks played the whole second half of the game with 11 forwards. Vancouver didn’t shorten their bench until the 15 mark of the third (I think that was Torres’ last shift).

    I’ve just been looking through some of the box scores from this season and going through the inordinate amount of games the Hawks have coughed up in the third period of a tied game, I am 100% convinced that fatigue is the number one reason for the Hawks struggles there. Rolling three lines from the second period on a nightly basis is a big reason for that.

  50. Mike says:

    Everybody claims the hawks are tired & out of gas. but detroit is a lot older then the hawks and they go deep almost every year, & win the division. Do we have bad water in chicago or what? hate to see this core at 30.

  51. blackhawkbob says:

    Dave passed in January. RIP.

  52. John says:

    *sigh* Detroit is an entirely different case than the Hawks.

  53. LMS says:

    CT, Yes Lee spent the year bitching about us not being tough enough.

  54. Dave Anton says:

    I’ll admit, I did not get thru all of the comments let alone Story, but it’s tiresome hearing the bitch-on of John Scott getting dressed.

    I’ll start with, It Is Was It Is.
    OK, so now what?

    The next time I hear anyone say John Scot should not have been in the lineup, I expect a “This is Why John Scott should not be in the Lineup” along with solutions.

    How easy has it been to decry LineUp decisions without a solution?

    Brouwer, Bolland, Kopo out. I remember Ben Smith getting a dick-wack for simply playing. Fine. Tell me your solutions.

    I’m kinda sick of the bitchin w/o solid solutions

  55. CT says:

    The year = 2009-10

  56. Cam says:

    “And I would add about the Campbell one-timer you’re referencing..”

    Not sure what you’re referring to, but what I’m talking about wasn’t a result of a pass from the opposite corner. Campbell walked almost into the slot and bounced it 20 feet. Which is at least different from most of his shots that end up 5 feet high or wide.

  57. Cam says:

    Took Detroit 2-1/2 minutes to go up 2 on Phoenix tonight.

    I don’t know why several Hawks fans act like the Wings run is over.

  58. John says:

    What run? They’ve won just as many Cups with their current core as the Hawks have.

  59. Eric says:


    Far be it from me to champion the cause of John Scott…laughs.

    I guess I find the trickle-down Scott theory a little flawed.

    I just suspect the team hasn’t played well enough. Some of that I suppose is attributable to personnel, some of it appears to be coaching/GM decisions (that may or may not include Scott’s role), and injuries with less depth to fill-in has compounded the problem.

    Scott played about 40 games and the Hawks record in those games was 19-17-4. It’s hard to say what effect Q’s use of his scoring lines as opposed to his fourth line early in the year has had (especially since it would be a time eater to dig up every game to look into it), but I would be interested in the minutes his d-men have logged. They’ve looked noticeably worn out at the end of games.

    Sidenote: I think the fourth line has been ineffective, because they just aren’t as good. Who would’ve thought Burish, Eager, Fraser, Madden, etc…would leave such a glaring difference when compared with the current fourth liners?

  60. Tom says:

    So, in the other 42 games WITHOUT Scott their record was 25-12-5…nuff said.

  61. Mick says:


    Your and Lee should meet at the bike racks and get this over with.

  62. BobbyJet says:

    Look, the salary capped NHL makes it next to impossible to repeat and I think it will be years before it happens. Any reasonable person knew the odds were long against Hawks repeating this year and it certainly didn’t help with some of the injuries to our core players. Entering into the playoffs, we were missing a key ingredient in Dave Bolland making our centre position suspect to say the least, making the odds worse still. Add that to the fact that our disappointing regular season resulted in the matchup against (statistically) the best team in the league with a hot goalie and what we see is what we get. Of course some changes will be made but I still have faith that the youngsters who remain and core group (who are still young themselves) will have learned from this experience and be a solid team next season. The lack of grit issue needs to be a priority and we certainly could use a bonafied centreman. Obviously Turco won’t be back so we need to look at our goaltending situation. Is CC a legit number one goalie? Some say he’s a rookie and will get better, but will he at 27 years old? We are now on the brink of elimination but I haven’t given up and this team had better not have either.

  63. Patrick says:

    John – hey, you got a nice shout-out from Al C over at the Hockey Independent:


  64. Dominic says:

    While many of you may criticize the following, I have to say that the NHL will regret not suspending Torres by the end of the night. With nothing to lose, I expect and hope, the hawks to run Luongo, Sedins, Edler, and Erhoff.

    We have a catalyst for the night. Perhaps this can serve as something that can bring this team together. I am not calling for miracles, but just some inspired play.

    I thought that Vignealt kept Torres off the ice in the third primarily for this reason, expecting him to be suspended. Now he will have to play him. I am sure he will be fine, but the other soft guys may not like how this shakes out.

  65. feyer says:

    So it looks like John Scott will take his spot on defense tonight with Seabrook out. Seriously?

  66. John says:

    I’ll say this now and regret it later, but Scott is far more tolerable on defense than forward. One, it’s his natural position, and two, he only has to cover 3/4 of the ice.

  67. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Really? All the John Scott hatred? Before Scott it was Nick Boynton and before him it was Buff pre playoffs. Honestly he is hardly the issues. How about Crow’s sub 900 SV%, Hossa lack of scoring, or countless other roster issues. John Scott is a goon and nothing else, hopefully he will not be retained

  68. Dominic says:

    Really? knocking Crawford? using save percentage as key metric? Brilliance.

    BTW, on 2 on 1’s Goalie takes shooter, d takes pass, On two overplays by Crawford, the defenseman failed him.

    Anyhow, I just want to see some heart and effort tonight. It is funny how irony plays a huge roll in a season. We lose game 2 on the goals in first and last minute of periods. Achilles heal all year. Then we lose game 3 on the two goals in a minute lapse, like we did a few times this year. The circle of life comes back around.

    Now, like a good story book ending, the one underlying theme/concern all year has been teams heart and desire, well the story is laid out before us. We will know in just a few short hours how they respond. If the Torres hit can not inspire 60 minutes of intensity, then nothing will.

  69. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Cmon Dominic, really? Save % IS the key metric! You think Crow has played a strong game in net? Honestly he needs to be better, he has let in a few soft goals, the game winner in game 3, how about the 60 footer in game 3, or maybe some of the other rebounds? Believe me Crow isn’t on the top of the list but he is on there. I’ll take talent over your heart and effort anyday!

  70. Otter says:

    Look there are a lot of people out there that I wonder how they have a job, but Colin Campbell is probably #1 right now. He’s pretty much begging for the Hawks to try to knock one of the twins out for the rest of the playoffs. If the NHL isn’t going to police, then the players will… if you turn hockey into MLB, then you’re going to get early 00s incidents all the time. If I was a Canucks fan I’d be worried about tonight.

    ANYWAY, can we all agree that the 2010-2011 Blackhawks, with all hands on deck (and Turco on the bench) are pretty good? And for most of 2010-2011 the Blackhawks have been missing someone (Campbell, Kane, Hossa, Bolland) and don’t have the depth to really cover if anyone is out (unlike the Canucks)? Is this fair to say and we can all agree on this at least?

  71. Cam says:

    “What run?”

    The one that has them as a serious Cup contender every year. They were one or two goals away from a second Cup against Pittsburgh, and they accumulated more points last year than the Hawks this year despite cap casualties and a ridiculous injury list. The one that somehow transforms Dan Cleary from a scrub into a guy who scores as many goals as Patrick Kane.

  72. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    I would really like the Hawks to add a few big physical players this offseason on their 3rd and 4th line. This team is not physical enough for my taste. Eager, Ladd and others are necessary to add to the Hawks skill players, so yes Otter I agree with you 100%

  73. Murphys Law says that the Hawks will win tonight just so that they can drag our misery out for at least two more days!

  74. John says:

    And the Hawks are one or two goals from leading this series. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. We’re not even one year from the Hawks winning the Cup, an unprecedented teardown of a Cup-winning team, and you’re bemoaning why they’re not as consistent as the Wings, completely ignoring the fact that Detroit couldn’t get out of their own way with this current group for seven years until they finally broke through against Pittsburgh three years ago. You also convienetly ignored the fact that their core was a seasoned group of veterans when they won it for the first time and the Central Division was absolute garbage during the early part of this decade. The Hawks group who won it were significantly younger and less experienced. Oh, and they didn’t have anyone as great as Nik Lidstrom.

    And please spare me that Dan Cleary’s career year compared to a down Kane year is somehow justification for their superior greatness.

  75. Torres should have gotten 5 games. This was the same hit on Seabrook as it was on Jordan Eberle of Edmonton. Torres knew his hit was illegal on Eberle because he dropped his gloves..anticipating Eberle’s linemates would come to hid defense. as far as Scott goes, I couldn’t agree less. The big man is slow, so are most players in the league of that size. For someone marketed as a “goon” he has surprsingly good hand-eye coordination and decent ice awareness. Frolik is not skille. Frolik can play defense. Versteeg,Ladd, and Buff collectively account for 150 points this year. Of that, 70 are goals. So you lost 70 goals out of the line-up. Stanley Cup champions like the Hawks in 2010 bascially have 1 top line, 2 2nd lines, and a 3rd line. Remember, there are at least 4 rookies in the Hawks line up and the games are close. This is a complement to Quennneville and his staff. Even though I think Bowman is way over his head, I don’t think there were better players available when all these journeyman were picked-up.

  76. Cam says:

    Detroit is on a run of 11 straight years of 100+ points and 13 out of 15 overall. They’ve been in 6 Cup Finals and won 4 of them. That’s pretty impressive.

    Where did you see any comparison between the Wings and Hawks in my post? I said it’s silly for Hawks fans to talk about the Wings as if they are finished. You’re “conveniently”, as you say, putting words in my mouth.

    Also, Cleary’s numbers per game aren’t much different than they’ve been the past 5 years in Detroit. He’s pacing at 23 goals per 82 games over than span. Prior to Detroit, he averaged 10 per 82.

  77. Cam says:

    “Versteeg,Ladd, and Buff collectively account for 150 points this year. Of that, 70 are goals. So you lost 70 goals out of the line-up.” – Blackhawk Down

    It’s obvious the Hawks miss those players, but you can’t take what the those guys scored in different roles on different teams and substitute it in hypothetically. Ladd played first-line minutes at even strength and the powerplay, neither of which happened in Chicago. And Byfuglien piled up points as a high-minutes defensemen, again something that wouldn’t have occurred in Chicago.

  78. John says:

    “They accumulated more points last year than the Hawks this year despite cap casualties and a ridiculous injury list.”

    No one said they’re finished. At least not here. It’s just silly to glorify this great run they’ve had and their current core (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Holmstrom, Franzen, etc.) have won the same amount of Cups together that the Hawks current core has. There was plenty of first round exits from the Wings during that core’s run too. And as a top seed, no less. I’d hate to see how Hawk fans would react if something like that were to happen.

  79. Dominic says:

    Save percentage over 20 to 40 game sample, yes you can derive something from that. Based on 3 games, give me a break.

    There is an old adage in sports, especially hockey, that is work beats talent when talent won’t work. You can keep your talent, I will win or lose with effort everyday.

    The hawks are fine and will be fine. Half the clowns bad mouthing them etc…were caught off guard with the run last year. I do not have time to search it, but the hawks had only 3 or 4 games without a point for a 18 – 20 game stretch prior to Bolland injury. When Kopy was fourth liner etc we had the depth. BTW, didn’t we outscore last years team etc? Bickell had more points than ladd, I know its not all points.

    What the Hawks need are some true South Siders and their heart and determination. Not some nay saying pantywastes. That is not to say we can’t criticize etc, but we have the next 3 months for that…For tonight, lets get it up one more time!MFERS

  80. Cam says:

    In a microcosm of the season, the Hawks are putting in a great effort when it matters least.

  81. jm says:

    Still, its nice to see.

    This team has a forecheck!

  82. Jim says:

    If the Hawks go out in Vancouver, this game tonight takes a lot of the sting out of it. I really enjoyed this game, that was fun to watch. It had a little bit of everything we love about beating Vancouver. Lu was chased, Bolland totally got under their skin, the ‘Nucks lost their composure.

    Loved it. Thanks for the ride, Blackhawks!

  83. Cam says:

    In the end, the game meant nothing. To me the Canucks still won tonight because they got nothing for the head shot on Seabrook, got protected by the refs when Scott went out to seek retribution, and then Bieksa was allowed to jump Stalberg and pummel him and they were rewarded with a PP for it.

    It’s a new one to me that you can start slugging someone for being hit cleanly and get powerplays out of it. Must be a new rule.

    One thing is clear: the Canucks are still a bunch of dirty cowards.

  84. Jim says:

    The game meant a lot! This was the formula predicted prior to the series on how to beat Vancouver.

    1. Bolland terrorized the twins
    2. Lu got yanked
    3. The penalty box was packed with ‘Nucks
    4. VC’s totally lost their composure

    If we win the next game, Vancouver might implode.

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