Dan Carcillo: A Closer Look

Early Friday evening, the Blackhawks closed up shop with the announcement of a one year contract worth $775,000 to Dan Carcillo.  The reaction it received was worthy of Stan Bowman signing him to a Brian Campbell-like contract.  Again, it’s a one year contract at the near league minimum.

The other curious part was how angry some people got over him.  This for a guy who’s most memorable moment against the Blackhawks was checking his own teammate in the Stanley Cup Finals.  (Actually, I could understand if people were still angry with him for when he and then teammate Todd Fedoruk started a near-riot in a blowout against the Coyotes three years.  With just a few minutes left in the game and the Hawks easily ahead, Carcillo checked Cristobal Huet behind the net and then jumped Brian Campbell, the first Hawk on the scene.  Of course, three people remember that incident so who really cares.)

There was absolutely no doubt the Blackhawks were going to make an effort to acquire character players like Carcillo.  Hell, in their exit interviews after the season, at least two ‘core’ players mentioned the need for a player who can fight and actually play (A direct slap to John Scott if there was ever was one).  So when Carcillo was signed, it shouldn’t have come as that big of a surprise.  Carcillo can be a very effective player, scoring over 10 goals twice in his career.  More importantly, he’s also a guy who can be a weapon in a playoff series.

What I mean by that final sentence is that when opposing teams break down film against the Hawks, Carcillo will be a name that gets mentioned.  I promise you Ryan Johnson and Viktor Stalberg were suitably ignored when the Canucks were preparing for the Hawks.  Now, that won’t be the case anymore.  The more players the opposition has to worry about, the better off the Hawks are.

Anywho, on to the strongest opinion held against Dan Carcillo: “HE TAKES DUMB PENALTIES!!!”

First of all, I defy anyone to name an effective fourth liner who doesn’t from time to time dip into silly mode.  I don’t know if last year’s team wiped Hawk fans memories clean of what a fourth line is supposed to do, but every single good fourth line plays on the proverbial edge.  Sometimes they go over that edge and sometimes they don’t.

The other major point is guys with penalty minute totals like Carcillo are always inflated because of misconducts and fights, neither of which necessarily hurt the team all that much.  So let’s take a closer look at his PIM from last year.

In 57 games, Carcillo accumulated 127 PIM.

Of those 127 penalty minutes, Carcillo was involved in 13 fights (courtesy of hockeyfights.com) and had three ten minute misconducts.  The three ten minute misconducts all came at the end of Flyer blowout wins.  So right off the bat, that’s 95 penalty minutes you can take right off the board.  The reason why is because none of those penalty minutes really hurt the Flyers.

That leaves another 32 minutes in penalties, or just 16 penalty violations.  Incidentally, more than a few times this year, Carcillo was whistled off the ice for coincidental penalties.  So those are more penalty minutes where the consequences aren’t detrimental to the team.  (In fact, if the Hawks go back to their skating dominance of a few years back, 4-on-4 play will actually swing the game in their favor.  Thus making Carcillo an even more important player.)   In only one game did Carcillo commit more than one minor penalty and his second penalty came as the buzzer sounded in a Flyers win.

Of the the five games where the Flyers lost and Carcillo committed a minor penalty, three times the finger of blame can be pointed at Carcillo’s penalty as the reason why Philadelphia lost.  And even then, the evidence isn’t exactly overwhelming.  Two games came against the Ottawa Senators and one against the Washington Capitals.

In the first game against Ottawa on February, Carcillo took a holding penalty halfway through the second period and the Flyers winning 1-0.  The Senators scored on the power play and added three more to win 4-1.

On March 22nd against Washington and Philadelphia trailing 2-0, Carcillo took a cross-checking penalty with 30 seconds left in the first period.  Washington scored to open the second for a 3-0 lead.  Philadelphia came back to tie the game and send it to a shootout where they eventually lost.

Finally on April 5th against the Senators again, the Flyers trailed 3-2 in the third period.  Carcillo took a holding penalty at the 7 minute mark.  Ottawa scored to cushion their lead and added an empty netter for the 5-2 win.

And that was it.  In the playoffs, only Philadelphia’s Game 4 5-1 loss to the Boston Bruins did Carcillo commit a minor penalty where the opposition scored and the Flyers lost.  At that point, clearly there were some other things going wrong with Philadelphia that was much bigger than Dan Carcillo.

If all this isn’t enough evidence that Carcillo is more than just the selfish penalty-taking machine some claim him to be, his Behind the Net numbers are even more telling.  In 60 minutes of play this year, Carcillo took 1.6 penalties.  On the other side, he drew 1.5 penalties for his team every 60 minutes, effectively cancelling out each penalty he took by drawing one for his team.

How do you like ‘dem apples?

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43 Responses to Dan Carcillo: A Closer Look

  1. Dominic says:

    Well put as always, while I enjoy the draft, free agency and off season hockey events, it seems that these events bring out the moronic fans and journalists, who have no depth of understanding of the game. All the hand ringing and BS. I wonder if they will all get together, like morons in Hollywood did, and take out a full page ad in the trib saying..Dan Carcillo…not in our name…and burn their season tickets.

    That rant aside, I am excited about the upcoming season, our team will have many options and be more balanced. Psychologically, many fans and analysts have to get past the dismantling of the team last year, and all that blood letting and shift the focus to the core and their accountability. That will speak volumes about the maturity of the team and how good and reliable this core is. Specifically, if they are as good as we believe them to be.

    While I sparred many occasions with you last year on this issue (pointing fingers at support cast vs getting productivity and leadership from core), I hope we see a motivated core. I do not want to feel vindicated in my personal assessment by getting another sound bite from Keith validating my assertions.

    I hope you will give us updates and insight from prospect camp and other events. Thanks again.

  2. Marts says:

    Lets not forget that the Hawks “should” be able to crack-skulls out there while 4-on-4. We’re supposed to be this fluid mass of hockey skill (particularly our top 6 and Keth/Seabs) so when Carcillo is hitting up for coincidental minors – we should be a happy bunch.

  3. John says:

    Yup, I just added that tidbit in there right before you posted. Great minds think alike.

  4. BryanG says:


    Good point! I remember salivating when the Hawks would go 4 on 4 during the Cup season. It almost seemed like an automatic goal.

  5. uncle jesse says:

    thank you for posting this….I think that fans will come around the first time Carcillo kicks someone’s ass. I’m glad the ‘hawks signed him

  6. Marts says:

    Ah, the great mind comment… haven’t heard that one in a while. Lately, I’ll take “not feeble” as my compliment of the day.

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with the team’s offseason development. Although I like both Montador and O’Donnell, I’m a little worried about our foot-speed on the backend (this lingers more with Campoli unsigned). Up front, I like all 3 additions particularly Brunette/Carcillo. Never been big on Myers but by all accounts he’s a great teammate, he has a good motor (if lacking in a little quickness), but he’s good for a well-timed fight and he hits to hurt (also 550k which is bargain shopping anyways).

    I still lament the loss of Brouwer though… I think he did a lot of what people wanted and I saw a great deal of upside in him. Oh well.

  7. Hockey Broad says:

    If you’re going to analyze just the 2010-11 season and not look at his career as a whole, that’s not the whole picture. If you want to talk about a prime example of a dumb Carcillo penalty, let’s look at the 2009 playoffs, where he ended up scrapping w/ a Penguin when his team was up 3-0 vs PIT in the elimination game. The Pens got sparked enough to not only come back from the hole but win 5-3. Whoops.

    Had my own posting on the Carcillo pickup here — http://www.hockeybroad.com/2011/07/surprise-signing-of-dan-carcillo-to.html

    Plus sides to Carcillo:
    – He’s an agitator. In fact, he’s so good at being one, just look at all the insta-ARGH reactions that came out of the Chicago fanbase when word of this pickup rolled out.
    – Players on other teams like to avoid him
    – He CAN score. In fact, he can make some pretty sweet plays (see video on my article); and when he was with PHX, he produced a goal roughly every 6.45 games. (in PHL, that dropped to one every 9.56).
    – He’s gritty
    – He gets to the net and is persistent once there
    – He’s willing to fight (in fact, he may be a little overeager to do so)

    His down sides, aside from dumb penalties:
    – Dumb penalties
    – Inconsistent
    – He’s picked up a lot of suspensions in his career because a bunch of his penalties were just stupid. (again, see examples in my post)

    Question marks:
    – What’s he like off the ice? well, from what I could find out from older PHX fans and PHL fans, he’s surprisingly popular among fans and reportedly a “nice guy” off the ice.
    – How will he fit into the locker room? Well, according to one Philly sports blog, he’s great at keeping a locker room loose. Who knows.

    Chalking Carcillo up as a big question mark for now, but I have zero doubts that Q & Co. can actually turn him into a productive member of the team. Bolland should be a good mentor. 😉

  8. John says:

    In regards to the 2009 playoffs, that’s like looking back at Brian Campbell’s mistake at the end of the Game 2 Western Conference Finals against Detroit and still holding that against him. Players generally learn from their mistakes. Last year showed Carcillo didn’t take as many dumb or ‘selfish’ penalties that cost his team victories as much as people are claiming he will for the Hawks.

    As for your downsides, I fail to see how that’s anything out of the ordinary for someone of his skill set. Other than his own pocketbook, suspensions are kind of irrelevant to the debate. And again, the dumb penalties thing, I kind of just proved in the post he took less than 16 minor penalties that conceivably ‘hurt’ his team. By that account, you could say Dave Bolland also needs to cut down on the dumb penalties.

  9. Andy says:

    Probably not a great time to suggest such a thought based on the 4th liner role he has apparently been assigned but has anyone else thought that we may find Carcillo out with our Top line of Kane and Toews? Remember that 2010 SCF (of course we do)…Carcillo came back to play on Philly’s top line. Q’s is notorious for mixing up the lines and this combo is guaranteed to see the light of day a couple times. But I think there is some potential for this to work. He has skill.

    Personally, I have liked Carcillo a whole lot more after watching a bunch of youtube footage. A couple filthy moves and a lot of charisma. It also seems that Carcillo has a way of getting his team amped up. If you played hockey, you would know that the heart that Carcillo leaves on the ice will be appreciated by every member assuming he buys in to this group. But hockey players are very accepting and, more often than not, respectful to each other. This isn’t the NBA where egos mean everything. The NHL is about fierce competion where respect remains the law of the land. Play the game hard and with heart and you can usual find yourself respected by the majority and that how Carcillo plays.

    I am more excited than not that the Hawks will have Carcillo’s services at a practically minimal salary cap hit for a maximum of 1 year. If it doesn’t work out, he is easily tradeable. Something tells me he will work out here though.

  10. Mary Ann says:

    I can understand lots of fans wanting to become Carcillo apologists now that he is on the team – no sense in crying over something that you can’t control – yet I would love to hear the league’s response to just making those 10 min. misconducts “go away” b/c they took place during blowouts. Yet I will give you points for creativity.

    How about the fact he averaged 7:45 min/game and taking away his PIMs he is down to just over 5 min/game. He is going to add to our PK problem and last year had no PP goals and no shorties … So where is the benefit? We can brag we have a goon, a fear monger-er? So just how low down the food chain do we need to go or are we willing to go? Will Carcillo give us *that* much of an advantage or edge or is he simply bragging rights?

    Everyone is trying to find the silver lining here and downplaying the negatives yet for me, no matter how you try to package Dan Carcillo you’re simply putting lipstick on a pig.

    Does a player like that, with a reputation, history and his wonderful remarks to the press deserve to wear the jersey of the Chicago Blackhawks? No one seems to be thinking about the big picture and what having someone like this means to the character of a team.

    You may not admit it but when you see the name CARCILLO on the back of a Chicago Blackhawk jersey out there on the ice for the first time, you are going to have an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. It just isn’t who we are.

  11. Cam says:

    Why just a 1-year deal then if Carcillo does so many positive things for a team? He’s not old. I’m sure he would’ve been thrilled to sign for 3-4 years.

  12. BobbyJet says:

    Good article John. In most hockey towns, other than Philly of course, the fan who only sees highlights the morning after will undoubtedly be exposed to the bad side of Carcillo, because that’s what sells. Your article categorizes his last season quite nicely and allows us to see Dan in another light, who last year at least, was not the liability the average Hawk fan might have expected.

    I think in some ways DC could be our best pickup to date in this off season. He should bring back the energy that was oh so lacking from last years team and should also lead others to play a little braver, knowing hey have his support (Stalberg and Keith come to mind).

    As for Carcillo’s versatility, I too think Q may stick him on the 1st line and maybe more than just occasionally, and that is always a great asset from a 4th line player. But he is no angel as we all know and it will be a fine line for Q to keep him reigned in without taking aay his effectiveness. In that regard, not unlike a Ben Eager that has better hockey sense.

  13. John says:

    I don’t know, maybe I didn’t make it obvious enough but this is hardly a ‘Go Carcillo, he’s the most amazing player I’ve ever seen’ article I wrote. Actually, I was just trying to disprove the main argument against him, his propensity for dumb penalties. 10 minute misconducts are 10 minute misconducts. If you think they’re detrimental to the team or hurt anybody, well that’s your perogative.

    It’s become increasingly funny to me how in one year, Blackhawk fans have all of a sudden developed this holier than thou attitude towards the game. Last I checked, this is hockey. Players like Carcillo exist on Every Single Team at Every Single Level.

    And again, I don’t think I showed all these positive things Carcillo does other than draw as many penalties as he takes and the fact he’s scored 10 goals twice. But don’t let that stop you from believing what you want.

  14. BobbyJet says:

    As for the length of his contract, Hawks took the conservative approach (and rightly so) by signing him for 1 year only. Stan (and Q) should know quite quickly whether he can and will fit in and be more than simply a short term solution. It is no secret that there aren’t many players of the Dan Carcillo’s mould in the Hawk organization at any level so if he proves he can play within Q’s system, I can easily see him around for another few years at least. It will likely cost the Hawks more money in the long run, but that’s OK.

  15. CT says:

    Was the Coyotes incident the same brawl that ended with Versteeg getting a one game suspension for pummelling Kyle Turris?

  16. John says:

    That game was the week before. Come on CT, you were one of the three people I thought remembered it.

  17. CT says:

    Got it, that was the retribution game. REVENGE!

  18. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    John you broke down Car bombs pim min? I knew there was a reason why this is the best Hawks site hands down! Nice work buddy! What’s your opinion on Campoli and Stalberg? What do you think about them returning or not? Personally I can do without either of them depending on the dollars and lenght of deals.

  19. Cam says:

    “I too think Q may stick him on the 1st line and maybe more than just occasionally”

    Jesus, let’s hope not.

    I don’t know where this idea that the Hawks have to have brawlers and “sandpaper” guys comes from. When they won the Cup, they weren’t exactly the 1970’s Flyers. In fact, outside of Huet the biggest concern was over their lack of physicality. Well, talent overcame that concern.

    Get the people making all the coin o play at a high level, and they’ll contend.

  20. Adam F says:

    As a longtime Jocelyn Lemieux fan, and as a person who totally saw how important Burish and Eager were in that Stanley Cup run, I’m all for the car bomb signing. Burish and Eager turned that series on it’s ear. From that first snow job on Luongo in game 2, to that pestering of Alex Burrows from the bench. (Shown on the jumbotron, causing a very loud and intimidating atmosphere.)

    Anyone see the hell Alex Burrows caused this year i the playoffs? Andrew Marchand? In this current NHL, “Pests” are gold.

    Yes, Carcillo is going to have to make some adjustments, and he will have to learn to “temper” his actions and learn a skosh (great word) more discipline. But I’m looking forward to see how the CarBomb is integrated into the team.

    Great job on giving a statistical outlook to someone whose strengths aren’t really shown in his statistics. It’s a feather in your cap….I hope that doesn’t mean you’re the sixth feather now. That would cause patent issues, new t-shirts and coffee mugs. Probably not worth it….

  21. Lee says:

    Who does Mary Ann think we really are? She must want us to continue to be soft and cushy. Guess what guy’s. I think were done being soft. Just bought my 21 game Mikita package, can’t wait

  22. Marts says:

    @ Mary Ann

    Can’t say that I agree with much of what you’ve said. Clearly you’re not big on Carcillo and that’s fine.

    Stating, “It just isn’t who we are”, doesn’t fly with me. I’ve been a Hawks fan my whole life and I remember a period in time (beginning in the mid-to-late 80’s) where the Hawks were #1 or #2 in PIMs for 7 consecutive years. In fact, in 1991-92 the Sabres eclipsed us by 50 PIMs as the single-season most penalized team in the history of hockey (Hawks #2 with over 2663 minutes in that season alone!).

    Chelios 245 PIM
    Smith 300 PIM
    Grimson 240 PIM
    Peluso 408!! PIM

    Look, I know the rough and tumble act of that bygone era is done – and I’m not advocating the Hawks to quadruple their PIM totals of last season – but this image of the 09-10 Cup winners being this holy bunch is BS. Ladd, Eager, Burrish, Fraser, Byfuglien, Brouwer all had a ton of grit/assholeness and toughness in them. Add in the “punkish” qualities of Kane and Versteeg always chirping the opposition (and the general pesty behaviour of Bolly), and this team had a ton of the intangibles it takes to win games. IMO, the team was largely VOID of that aspect last season. I think Carcillo will bring some of that back, and if he allows guys like Kane to play with a little more swagger, all the better.

    Not to belabour the point, but those late 80’s teams were glorious to watch at the old stadium – tight rink dimensions, wobbly glass behind the goal line, the anthem, fights every night, more beer sold then at a Bears game, guys hitting like silver-back gorilla’s on skates. It was pretty good, and far be it for anyone to say it’s not a part of who we are. I’m a hockey fan beyond any other sport, and a Hawks fan beyond all else (even my beloved Team Canada) – anything that will help them win has my support. I think getting a little mustard back in their line-up will help that cause.

  23. Bob in EP says:

    Who was the last Hawk to wear #13?

  24. Sharpie Hawk says:

    John …

    1st time poster … Great website!
    Thanks for your analysis of Carcillo’s “numbers” — I felt that he must have some upside and has improved on his skill set since his early PHX days. How about a comparison with say, Jordin Tootoo, re: his pest-ability quotient? That is a player I have followed since his Milw Admirals days . . .

    Marts, could’n;t agree more …. I really miss Burish, Buff et al, because many of us thought they were truly the HEART of the team in the run to the Cup (not to downplay the core guys).

  25. adam f says:

    alex zhamnov.

  26. BobbyJet says:

    Coach Q on Carcillo. No surprise really, sorry Cam:

    “I think he has more versatility than being a one-dimensional tough guy,” Quenneville said. “There is some skill to his game. He can play with some top guys as well. You can move him up in certain situations. That edge he can bring is something we were looking for.”


  27. Lou says:

    Good Insight!!!

    Lee my old sparring partner, it’s good to see things haven’t changed but really, Lee? Year number 4 of goons on skates. You said we weren’t tough enough the entire cup run and cried for an enforcer. We won the Cup because we had moxie and we didn’t have an enforcer.

    We got the pentultimate badass enforcer in big Bad John Scott. He wins fights no doubt but if you can’t skate you can’t be on the ice to fight.

    As for Mary Ann, SHE has her right to think Danny Boy isn’t the image we want representing us. She is a solid Hawks fan as any of us!

    Carcillo is Burish. Everyone liked Burish. Carcillo is also going to be the super-enigma like Rodman. He is either going to be on or in a dress. Frankly, if he does lose it and wants to drill someone, I nominate Pierre McGuire!!!!

    Let the Crazy Dan era begin. My gut says Carcillo is gonna be a force and we are going to love the characeter and toughness we signed.

    And Lee, please, please, please this year stop before you start – you have and always will want goons, goons, goons not team toughness. Stay the course! It’s okay we all know you are a goon-aholic.

  28. Baltimore Blackhawks says:

    I think losing Campoli is a mistake. Sounds like he and his agent wanted a ton…but that guy can really skate..not like Brian Campbell but pretty well. I am happy with what Stan did except for losing Campoli. Yeah, we got some muscle on the blue line now, but we need some agility besides Keith and company.

  29. BobbyJet says:

    Just when I was warming to Stan and admiring what a great job he is doing for the Hawks org, he pulls off this boner with Campoli. Even if he felt the price tag was too high, why tell the hockey world that Campoli is finished with the Hawks? By doing so, he has basically given him away and will likely not be compensated for his departure. Dumb….dumb … dumb .. and deja vu back to the old man Wirtz days. Hawks could have afforded to overspend if was for just one year, for the sake of team chemistry (Campoli had fit in since day 1). Despite who they have brought in to shore up the defence, this (out of character) declaration by Stan is a step backwards for the Hawks.

  30. John says:

    I disagree on all fronts. Campoli is simply not worth paying upwards of $2.5-$3 million even if it’s for just one year. Lepisto should be able to fill in his role quite admirably and all for less than a million. When you consider that the combination of Frolik and Campoli could’ve cost the Hawks near or above $5 million and instead, it’s $3 million, you have to like that.

    As for what Stan said, I don’t really have a problem with it. Even with no declaration, the value of Campoli’s rights are worth probably nothing more than a mid-round draft pick. So whether the Hawks get any moderate compensation or not, it’s not really a huge issue.

  31. BobbyJet says:

    I was looking forward to seeing Campoli play a full season in Chicago; something that appears impossible now. Yes, we have a few extra bucks but not sure there will anything worthwhile to spend it on this year. I guess the chemistry that Campoli quickly found with this Hawk team is not important enough in Stan’s eyes and for the sake of a few dollars that we could afford to pay out. We just got weaker and softer in the back end. I think replacing both Campbell and Campoli is a larger task than some may think, especially if we get a few injuries in the back end. At the very least Stan could have waited for the number to come from arbitration before opening his mouth to the press. But the message is loud and clear.

  32. Steve from Rockford says:

    Thanks for the article. I am still waiting to see how Carcillo pans out. I need more information on the guy and this helps. My issue with him is not penalties, its just that he isn’t very good and I can see the Hawks overplaying him.

    I want to point out to everyone that he isn’t a very big. I want to say he is 6’0 and around 200. For comparison Toews is 6’3 230. What I do think he will help out in is the board battles, which the Hawks were pretty poor at last year.

    For those who say that skill will defeat lack of size, you are correct. Problem is you have to be really damn skilled to do so. The Hawks were not last year. The Stanley Cup winning team is gone. Also, remember even the Stanley Cup winning team lost to and had trouble against Anaheim who is a very large team.

    I hope Carcillo proves me wrong. Actually, I hope Q proves me wrong and uses him correctly. However, this is the team that has convinced themselves that John Scott is good. Maybe having a bad player fetish is a Chicago thing, because Ozzie has one going on right now.

    I plan on getting to more Icehogs games this year. I went last year but didn’t get to go to as many as usual because I had a whirlwind of a year. I will share my observations (like anyone cares lol).

    Thanks again John for this great site. FF, SCH and 3rdManIn provide good and legit Hawks news/opinion without the BS that the beat writers try to feed everyone day after day. Some people only want to here lovey dovey stories about how great a team is, but I want the truth damnit!

  33. BaltimoreBlackhawks says:

    I totally agree with BobbyJet. We should have found a way to keep Campoli. Lepisto did okay for Caps and okay for Coyotes and I also think he played for Columbus. Yeah Frolik came on in the playoffs, game-winning goal, but Frolik is not a big money player. He was totally overpaid by Stan. I agree with all his moves but not overpaying Frolik, a player drafted as a big gun, but never able to fill those shoes, and cutting Campoli. LePisto is not the skater Campoli is. You can’t have Montador and the other lunkers on the blue line without some added skill.

  34. BobbyJet says:

    I wish Toews was that big…. I don’t think anyone knows for certain how Carcillo will fit in but most agree that he is better than your typical 4th line agitator.

  35. John says:

    I’m pretty sure someone who can play on a top 4 Olympic team (a European team no less) is probably a pretty strong skater.

  36. BobbyJet says:

    As for Frolik. The Hawks are assuming alot with this kid and I hope it is warranted. I would have preferred a 1 or 2 year deal at most to see what he can do. This past season, he slumped horribly in Florida and that continued as a Hawk for most of the regular season. His playoff performance is encouraging but he still has much to prove. He certainly has the desire and a nose for the net but my concern is that sometimes he looks like a boy playing against men out there. He has to work on that rather pathetic excuse for a shot and put on some muscle in the off season.

  37. Hawksallday says:

    Hey there John & company,
    This is my first post here on Fifth Feather although I have been following for the past 3 seasons. Awesome awesome awesome site and great info. I can’t count how many times I visit the site and hope to see a new post! Anyways, good to be here! DA Hawks!

  38. Steve from Rockford says:

    “I wish Toews was that big…. I don’t think anyone knows for certain how Carcillo will fit in but most agree that he is better than your typical 4th line agitator.”

    I didn’t look it up, so that was off the top of my head. But according to ESPN he is 6’2 210. Those 20 pounds add up, but he is still bigger and heavier than Carcillo.

    I am pretty sure that Eager has scored more goals than Carcillo. I actually think that Carcillo is the very definition of an average 4th liner. But like I stated, my real concern is that he is not going to be used as a fourth liner.

  39. MoneyBoy says:

    Good morning !!! Just heard about you from the Daily Herald BH blog. Always good to find another bona fide site for Hawk talk. With the state of baseball in Chgo, can’t wait for training camp and the new season.
    Your in depth look at #13 is well documented and extraordinarily well done. Congrats.
    I’m adding a link to an article about Emery’s struggles with his injury … found it fascinating. http://aol.sportingnews.com/nhl/feed/2011-06/nhl-free-agency/story/ray-emery-hip-injury-chicago-blackhawks-flyers-anaheim-ducks-avascular-necrosis

  40. Chicago Gunner says:

    update this blog already!!!

  41. BobbyJet says:

    Yes, I read the Ray Emery comeback story a few months ago and was impressed.

    As for Carcillo, he had some interesting things to say when introduced officially by the Hawks., including how he hated to be forced to play 4th line bully with Philly, with very limited minutes.

  42. BobbyJet says:

    Hey John:

    I know there’s not much to write about these days but we’re starving here. How about a speculative column on this years squad comparing it to last years (or dare I say to thr Stanley Cup squad). Personally I think this team has the potential to easily go over 100 points in the regular season and contend for another run at the Cup.

  43. JM says:

    Looking forward to being able to get my daily Feather fix again soon, gents.

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