There Are Two Paths You Can Go By: Canucks 6, Blackhawks 2

I fear what the reaction will be after this game.  The important thing to remember is that the Canucks have made it a habit of coming into the United Center and kicking the Hawks teeth in at least once a season.  It started with the 4-0 hair pulling incident from the 2008-2009 season and it’s pretty much continued until now.  Nothing more to see.

–One thing I don’t want to hear about anymore is incessant bitching about Duncan Keith.  If we’ve learned one thing from his absence, it’s that the Hawks are a completely different team without him.  Even though they gained 3 out of 4 points in Florida without him, there were long stretches where the Hawks desperately missed him.  And we can probably say the same thing about tonight.

Simply put, with him the Hawks are a top Western Conference contender.  Without him, they are just another team in the blob.

–Since we didn’t really have anything to say about the Tampa game and really what was there to say, it was quite amusing to see the Blackhawks penalty kill unit completely forget that Steven Stamkos loves setting up on the left hash mark for a one-timer.  Brent Seabrook and Niklas Hjalmarsson, for some reason, thought Ryan Malone was much more dangerous than a guy who’s scored more goals from that spot than Brett Hull.

I suppose if the Hawks saw a little more of them, they would anticipate that a little better.  The same way Tampa would have been ready for Patrick Sharp’s backdoor pass on the Hawks power play.

–Since we were the official home of ‘The Walking Dead’ last year, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a little time to discuss some thoughts from this excellent season.  I have heard some complaints that the show is moving a little slower.  Well, that’s kind of what happens when a show goes from 6 episodes to 12.  I thought tonight’s episode was by far the slowest, however, it was also setting the scene for what is one of the biggest revelations of the series.

I still think things are really going to pick up in the last few episodes and if the comics are any indicator, there’s going to be a pretty big reason why Hershel didn’t want Rick and company to stay in the barn.  Also, I refuse to believe they’re dragging this search for Sophia out for the fun of it.  There has to be a major plot point in there.

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11 Responses to There Are Two Paths You Can Go By: Canucks 6, Blackhawks 2

  1. Mick says:

    I think it just seems like it’s moving slower because they’ve been in the relative safety of the farm for the past few episodes. even though a mere three days have elapsed since Carl was shot by now defunct Otis. I bet it would have felt slow had the group been able to stay at the CDC for longer than a day. I’m still convinced that the entire season will end up hinging on whatever was whispered into Rick’s ear at the end of last season before the CDC exploded.

  2. SouthSideHawkMan says:

    Sometimes a good team needs a good @ss kicking, although I would have liked to see it against another team beside the Nucks or the Red Wings.

  3. BobbyJet says:

    You are disillusioned if you think DK would have made much of a difference in this game. There was so much that was wrong but something is seriously amiss with the fundamentals of this team.

    I think the coaching staff should be concerned for their jobs, personally.

  4. I love that about as much print was spent on “The Waling Dead” as the Hawks-Nucks game, which after last night was quite fitting.

    Dead on John about the Keith-bashing. Brian’s summary at our site was very similar to yours. Maybe you two need to have a beer together at a game. I got stuck next to major meatheads last night which made the game even more unbearable.

    I’m a bit more skeptical since a number of holes were starting to leak water even before Keith’s exit, especially the PK which was succeeding only due to a unrealistically high .965 Sv% (annual league avg is .880) and giving up a high rate of SOG. Hawks now have a PK% of 79.6% (22nd) and PP+PK% of 89%, which is 27th in the league. So now they both need fixing. Someone get the duct tape.

  5. John says:

    @Bobby Jet– Notice I included the two Florida games in Keith’s absence and if you don’t think he would’ve made a difference in Tampa, then you’re disillusioned.

  6. John says:

    @Schultz– Welcome aboard. The one thing I’ve noticed about this rivalry is it’s starting to bring out the worst in fans. The reaction of these regular season games- whether they win or lose- are so over the top that it’s not even worth getting worked up about anymore. This is the fourth year of this rivalry and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that these games mean nothing once the playoffs come around.

    To add on to your point about the PK, it could be that it’s just an ebb and flow of the regular season rather than leaking water. We’ll have to see. The PP is definitely in need of a new component, however. Whether it’s getting two defensemen on the point or a whole new strategy, something has to give. Personally, I would much rather see two defensemen on the point. I think that would be a good starting point.

  7. BobbyJet says:

    There is no question that Keith’s presence makes this team better on most nights, much better in fact; however there are many other concerns that seem to boil down to the system Hawks are playing. The PP “system” has become more than predictable and has been in disarray all season and as I suspected the PK which has been underworked for the season until now, has been exposed as well. Combine that with the Hawk dmen playing soft as a pillow and Crawford struggling at times, and there is much to be concerned about. I tried to say 2 games ago that our record was deceiving and I hope they can prevent a skid in November, but they’re certainly off to a poor start. Its difficult to put all the blame on the players, when I witness guys like Kesler standing in front of our crease all night with our dmen out of position (which happens every game) … and point men left so wide open they can have a coffee before blasting it at our well screened goalie or passing to a winger at the other side of the net for an easy tap-in goal.

  8. John says:

    Let’s blow it all up then. I think you’re totally over-reacting to one really bad game. The Tampa game, yeah it was disappointing, but they still got a point and it was a game in which their back-up goalie started.

    It’s still early enough in the season that one bad night on the PK was going to skew the numbers. Let’s pump the airbrakes before we start labeling it as exposed.

  9. BobbyJet says:

    I don’t care much for the collapse down low, passive style PK we tend to employ but I hope you right John, and I am indeed over-reacting.

  10. BobbyJet says:

    I don’t care much for the collapse down low, passive style PK we tend to employ but I hope you are right John, and I am indeed over-reacting.

  11. BobbyJet says:

    Seems Q thinks there’s more wrong than just Keith being out. He has changed all 3 lines in practice today, inserted Olesz, reunited Keith and Seabs and left Montador and Bickell on the sidelines. We’ll see if that will be the case tomorrow.

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