Yeah, Yeah: Blackhawks 6, Blue Jackets 3

Whatever that was, it doesn’t really matter.  In a game that was a damned if they do; damned if they don’t-type situation, the Hawks did what they were supposed to.  And that was dominate their lesser opponent for 45 minutes.  Take the two points and let’s not try to think about this game ever again.

–As my partner said after their first meeting, the Blue Jackets are a complete mess.  They will surely hit a hot patch at some point and make their record a little bit more respectable but until that time comes, the Hawks can’t let any chance to pound them go past.

I imagine head coach Scott Arniel has a reason but it was sure curious to see a team scratch their third highest scorer as well as their best prospect in Ryan Johansen.  Not to mention, they’re already playing for next year so I’m not sure how much sense it makes to not let him get as much as ice time as possible.  Good for them, though, to pick up Mark Letestu for a 4th round pick.

–The Hawks second power play unit put up their most productive game of the season.  I’m not sure it means a whole lot because of who it came against but nice to see, nevertheless.  Andrew Brunette scored an Andrew Brunette type goal and amazingly, Steve Montador found a soft spot in the slot to score his first goal of the season.  That area Montador found, by the way, has been there all year for the Hawks to take advantage of.  It just so happened that a defenseman turned forward had to find it.

–Does this make any sense, Dave Bolland was healthy enough to finish the game on Tuesday night but not good enough to play tonight.  Now it’s being reported he was seen in a walking boot.  How in the name of science was he allowed to come back in that game?  The Hawks have a long history of misdiagnosing injuries and this isn’t helping one bit.

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8 Responses to Yeah, Yeah: Blackhawks 6, Blue Jackets 3

  1. Scott says:

    On the Bolland injury. Its all about misdirection. Cmon they call it a lower body injury when every one knows its his ankle our foot.ridiculous

  2. BWV513 says:

    First game this season I’ve watched start to finish (usually I can only watch highlights, as I’m in grad school in a faraway place, so no time for such things, and I have to watch everything over the Internet anyway).
    I know this has been talked about before, but I finally saw for myself a few things everyone has been saying:
    1. I think Leddy is pretty great for being so young.
    2. I think Pat Foley is slowly losing it. Plus, I had to listen to he and Eddie spending what, like 2 minutes talking about the birth of Eddie’s son; meanwhile, a hockey game is going on. (In all fairness, it was pretty much a done game by that point, but still…)
    3. I think John Scott is a riot. Good Lord, you guys weren’t lying: He seemed to crap himself almost every time he had the puck. I saw him once take the puck into the corner in the Hawks zone, and while facing the wall, he apparently couldn’t decide which direction away from the wall he was going to skate, and then he basically just fell down and turned the puck over. (OK, I don’t have the benefit of replay, so maybe I missed something.) Still … that was just butt-ugly. And the penalty he took for clothes-lining a guy in the crease with his stick might have just been bad luck, but it was pretty artless in any case.
    Tough stretch for the Hawks coming up … looking forward to it.
    Anyone hear how serious Bolland’s injury is?

  3. the foot only swells AFTER the skate is removed. THAT is why he came back into the game.
    ask Gapski he will agree.

  4. CT says:


    The “skate towards the boards and blow out an edge while deciding which way to turn” is John Scott’s signature move.

    He spent the entire offseason working on it.

  5. BobbyJet says:

    Well described John. I didn’t mind so much that Hawks didn’t rub it in (like Flyers had done the game previous) but the defensive coverage left alot to be desired late in the game. They can’t take any of that into the 1st period tonight as obviously the Flames will be a much tougher opponent..
    As for the Bolland injury, I think he may have taken that shot on the achilles heel and lucky it didn’t snap if that was the case. But jacmax is right, a player doesn’t dare take his skate off cause he’ll never get it back on. Odd as it sounds once he can get the skate on again, he’ll likely be able to play.
    Knowing Q, he will likely deem Scott’s game as a good one and dress him again ….. DOH!

  6. John says:

    In their defense, the game was 6-1 at the time and all but over. Defensive lapses are going to happen.

  7. John says:

    Also, I understand about the swelling and not being able to fit his foot in his skate. My point was that if it’s that serious of an injury, he never should have been allowed to come back into the game.

  8. Dominic says:

    With all the swelling at time of injury, you could not determine full extent of injury other than individuals tolerance. It is that simple. Once he woke up the next day…stiff as a board, ice and immobilize for further evaluation…I slept at a holiday inn last night…

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