Hawks win in OT 3-2, rinse, repeat.

Two games, two Patrick Sharp overtime goals, two Hawk wins, 4 points.

–For all the hand-wringing about the shot count that was setting Twitter ablaze through the first two periods on Sunday, the simple fact was up until that point, the difference in the game was Jonathan Toews being unable to corral a hot Duncan Keith pass and the Sharks coming down to score on the next sequence.

It was a two goal swing and would have given the Hawks all the momentum at that point.  On a 3-on-2, Patrick Kane stopped just inside the blue line and hit Duncan Keith.  Jonathan Toews busted towards the net and Keith acted as if he was going to shoot a slap shot but instead gave him a pass just outside of his wheelhouse.  Antti Niemi was completely fooled but Toews just couldn’t find the ears on it and instead of scoring, tried creating a cycle behind the Sharks net.

Then the next time the Sharks established possession inside the Hawks zone, they scored.  Funny how that works.

Also in the ‘funny how that works’ department, the Sharks only ended up outshooting the Hawks 37-34.

–Classic “What the hell are you thinking?!!!??  Great job!!!” moment at the end of regulation.  Coming out of a timeout, the Hawks lined up for a face-off with 5 forwards and one defenseman, Duncan Keith.  It seemed like an absolute recipe for disaster but it turned up aces when the Hawks flawlessly executed a set face-off play to tie the game.  Toews won the draw back to Sharp and gave it to Marian Hossa for a one-timer.  He got enough of the puck to get it to the net and Andrew Brunette tipped it past Niemi.

–Some frightening ice times from the Hawk forwards tonight.  Patrick Kane played 25 minutes, Toews played almost 27, Patrick Sharp played 22.  Even with the overtime, that is way too much.  On the flip side, Michael Frolik played 9 minutes.  Ben Smith only played 5.  And that is 2/3 of their checking line.  Perhaps a defenseman isn’t the number one thing on the Hawks wish list.

The encouraging thing is Duncan Keith ‘only’ played 28 minutes, even though the game went to overtime and their 6th defensemen, Sami Lepisto, only played 8 minutes.

–If Daniel Carcillo acted the way Ryan Clowe did at the end of regulation, he would have gotten a 4 minute penalty and a game misconduct.  Clowe went after Marian Hossa like Hossa just raped half his family.  Then when Duncan Keith got involved, he broke his nose and gave him a couple kidney punches for good measure.

What was the root of this reaction?  To start, Clowe felt he needed to come to the defense of 6’4″ Colin White and then afterwards, we found out Hossa called him a coward for hitting him from behind.  Seems perfectly normal.

And what was the result of this melee?  Absolutely nothing.  The NHL is so stupid sometimes.

–Games at Nassau Coliseum crack me up.  First of all, the fact that the entire training staff and back-up goalie have to watch the game from what seems like the 5th row just tickles me beyond belief.  Then you add in the glass which make every check look like Larry Robinson’s destructive body check that shifted the boards at the old Forum and it’s just a recipe for a hilarious viewing.


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5 Responses to Hawks win in OT 3-2, rinse, repeat.

  1. Cam says:

    If you don’t mind being that badly outplayed at home for two periods by a team that had just played in St. Louis the night before. It was all SJ before they ran out of gas, and even then the Hawks need a late deflection and Niemi kicking one in his own net to win. Wins are important but it sure would be nice to see this team look like a contender in the process.

  2. Brad Doty says:

    Are you kidding me??? The NHL didn’t SUSPEND CLOWE for REPEATEDLY attacking Hossa from behind??? What’s the point in Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook exercising so much restraint in restraining the berzerk Clow if the officials aren’t going to penalize the thug and the NHL isn’t going to suspend him for a game? That was crazy the way Clowe repeatedly went after our star Hossa!

  3. BobbyJet says:

    Suspension, no … however it should have been a 4 on 3 to begin the OT but it worked out.
    Winning last night was not only about an important 2 points (that was nice) but the fact that the Hawks were able to get the puck past Niemi. He was beginning to haunt them with his stellar performances.
    This Hawk team is hard to figure out. As frustrating as the first 40 minutes were the last 25 were a complete turnaround … tense but fun. Dare I say that (once again) last night’s 3rd period and OT reminded me of the SC winning team that could play one solid period and pull the game out of the bag. And that’s certainly a good sign.

  4. bogiedoc says:

    Yep…another example of gutless referring and not enforcing the RULES despite the timing of the game. Clowe acted like he knew he could get away with several left hooks and uppercuts. Roughing, instigator, unsportsmanlike…take your pick he should have been gone.

    Another great pretender and buffonish clown ole Jumbo Thorton got away with some freebies on Toews earlier. And you are right Carcillo does that…he thrown out in a heartbeat and the Hawks go into OT with PK.

  5. Fuster says:

    No mention of the Ray “Emerging” Emery?

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