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Doesn’t really need that much explanation, does it

Checking In

No one can accuse the Hawks of ever being boring. Not even a month into their off-season and the Hawks created quite a stir when they released assistant coach Mike Haviland.  Much to the surprise of just about everyone who … Continue reading

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Let The Real Season Begin

After 82 games, after all the head-scratching, after all the jumps to conclusion in October, after all the calls for Stan Bowman and/or Joel Quenneville to be fired, after every core player was deemed trade able, the Blackhawks finished with … Continue reading

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Dazed at the Deadline

The dreams of Derek Roy and Matt Carle came crashing down hard today.  While there was some hope for the Hawks to make a big splash at the trade deadline, simply put, the market place didn’t allow for it.  Unless, … Continue reading

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Blood In the Streets, The Town of Chicago

As we all search for some hidden reason as to why the Blackhawks have lost their last six games, the answer is actually pretty obvious. Nothing rips out a team’s will to compete quite like a bad goal at a … Continue reading

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Just A Lonely Thursday Night in Pittsburgh

After our hiatus, it only took one Blackhawk pre-season to get our juices flowing again.  Actually, I could only stomach about 25 minutes of gameplay before the premiere of ‘Parks and Recreation’ got the best of my television, but nevertheless.  … Continue reading

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