Dazed at the Deadline

The dreams of Derek Roy and Matt Carle came crashing down hard today.  While there was some hope for the Hawks to make a big splash at the trade deadline, simply put, the market place didn’t allow for it.  Unless, of course you were willing to give up your kidneys, spleen, and first born.

Instead, the Hawks came away with Johnny Oduya to help manage some of the defensive minutes.  It won’t win a whole bunch of popularity contests but it’s not like the Hawks gave up something of significant value.  The 2nd and 3rd round picks for the 2013 draft can be relinquished when someone like Bryan Bickell or Michael Frolik gets shipped off in the next couple off-seasons.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the John Scott Blackhawk era mercifully ended today when he was sent to the New York Rangers for a 5th round pick.  I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time on it because we’ll hit on all the key points in our Committed Indian column on Wednesday.  Check it out then.  For now, I will say I could not be more relieved that John Scott is now a former Blackhawk.

As for the current team, it would have been interesting to see what Derek Roy would look like here.  But if Paul Gaustad, an upcoming unrestricted free agent, cost the Predators a 1st round pick, it would be logical to assume Roy, signed for another year and supremely better than Gaustad, cost at least three times that much.  For a team that is without Jonathan Toews for the foreseeable future, I’m not sure it would necessarily be worth it to give up a 1st round pick, Brandon Pirri, and Brandon Saad for someone like Derek Roy.  Even with Toews, it’s debatable.

If this deadline showed us anything, it’s that the onus is on Joel Quenneville to do something with this group.  While it’s become the popular rallying cry to blame the core again, this supporting cast is far superior than the one Quenneville had last year and he’s shown even less trust in it.  Additionally, he’s shown even more trust in young players who don’t really deserve it.

Andrew Shaw, Nick Leddy, and Dylan Olsen all have taken turns hitting the rookie wall and haven’t really seen any of their rope pulled back.  Jimmy Hayes is really the only one who has been handled properly and even he’s starting to be put in precarious situations.  It took three injuries for Sami Lepisto to escape from whatever United Center dungeon he was being holed up in.  Proven players like Steve Montador (when he was alive), Michael Frolik, and Bryan Bickell suffered whiplash from all their jerking around.

If Toews comes back in time (the most important if of them all right now), this is essentially the same team that was 1st in the conference a few weeks ago.  The only person Joel Quenneville will have to blame is himself and the only person Stan Bowman will have to blame is Joel Quenneville.

If Toews isn’t healthy, then it’s time to start rosterbating for next year.

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20 Responses to Dazed at the Deadline

  1. Francis Roberts says:

    Good post, John. I think Oduya is a solid pickup that will help eat up minutes on the backline. From a political standpoint the Scott move is interesting. Whenever Q dressed Scott and played him 5 minutes a game it was, in my view, his way of saying to management “I need help on the backline”. By dumping Scott Management is now putting the ball squarely back in Q’s court saying, in effect, “this is the roster, now do something with it”. There is a pretty solid argument that Q needs to start showing his stuff here. Look, I am not sold on Stan yet as a GM, but I thought that most all of his additions over the last year were reasonable moves. Or at least reasonable risks. One mark of a good coach is that he makes journeymen players better in his system than before they got here. With the exception of maybe Jamal Mayers, is that true of any Hawk addition over the last 18 months?

  2. roy hobbs says:

    “The 2nd and 3rd round picks for the 2013 draft can be relinquished when someone like Bryan Bickell or Michael Frolik gets shipped off in the next couple off-seasons.”

    Try conditional 7th.

  3. John says:

    If John Scott went for a 5th, I’m sure those guys can nab at least a 3rd rounder. Nothing to lose sleep over.

    Francis–Bang on, I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite some time now. Somewhere along the line, Quenneville changed as a coach and decided he was only going to rely on his thoroughbreds and the hell with everyone else. Kind of why the Hawks are in the situation they’re in today.

  4. roy hobbs says:

    If John Scott went for a 5th, I’m sure those guys can nab at least a 3rd rounder.

    Bickell might get a 4th because he is on a cheap contract.

    Frolik has 2 years left at about 3x what he is worth. The best solution for him is buyout.

  5. John says:

    Frolik isn’t getting bought out and Bickell would net more than a 4th rounder.

  6. Adam F says:

    I’m just lovin the uncomfortable silence tat comes wit nobody suggesting trades. I’m not even cooked to the gills on H in a car table with Uma Thurman and I’m managing to have a smile on my face.

    I’m annoyed by Stan. Not by anything he did or didn’t do at the deadline. Although I thought everyone that the Sharks, Canucks, and Re Wings got could have helped the Hawks. But the trade deadline was simply the endgame to a poorly designed roster tat Stan formed in August, primarily because e could sign everyone to a 1 year deal. Again, main problem is more focused on the team on the spreadsheet, less focused on te team on the ice.

    it also sounds like a lot of GM’s had Brandon Saad on their mind and Stan couldn’t get tem off tat idea. And I don’t think I’d give up Saad for Kubina or Grossman either.

    But there’s enough talent to whitewash the flaws on this team. First and foremost, getting ol #88 back into F.U. mode. He was awesome the first 10 games of the year. Maybe playing C will help.
    Then I guess the Hawks need Hammer’s head to clear up and form a Swedish bond wit Oduya…..I guess. I’m not for this adopt-a-rookie program with Keith playing with Olson and Seabs with Leddy. Rotate a rookie with Lepisto and the occasional Odonnell on a 3rd pair. nd ten perform watever rain dance/excorcism/ prayer you need to get the power play on track.

    Sounds easy enough. I think……Maybe. Hopefully

  7. Steve from Rockford says:

    Bickell is going to become the new scapegoat, and I am not so sure he deserves it. Bickell has always been a hot and cold player. I wish he was more agressive, but people need to take him for what he is. A 3rd or 4th line big guy that has a above average to good wrist shot.

    He is being used incorrectly and that isn’t really his fault. I do not understand why some in this fanbase refuse to look at the real problem. Some of our “star” players are having god awful years. Two of those guys (both of whom are supposed to be scoring goals are are not) didn’t have very good years last year either. That is not a good sign.

    I have no clue what is wrong with this team, but I do know that the main fault does not lie with people like Bryan Bickell or Frolik. I am also it is a combination of coaching, on ice issues and off ice issues. I would not be surprised if we find out later that there were significant conflicts between PLAYERS, not just coaches. I know the commercials make these guys look like BFFs forever, but that very well might not be true. Especially when the team is underperforming. Hell, the players resistance to changing an approach points that something is going on. The team is totally exposed right now, and they keep pretending that they are just going to finesse their way out of it.

    “I’m not even cooked to the gills on H in a car table with Uma Thurman and I’m managing to have a smile on my face.”

    That movie will never get old.

  8. JakeRue says:

    I agree that the biggest trade of the deadline was shipping off John Scott. With Oduya now some minutes can be lifted from Keith and Seabs…stop Quenville from running them into the ground.

    Some players are having terrible years. Why is everyone so against trading Kane? What has he ever really done (other than the Cup gw)? He’s supposed to be so talented and a goal scorer but he can’t score. Package him in a deal for a 2nd line center.

    And Quenville….why is no one calling for his head? Honestly…he plays a guy who gets 2pim for every 1 min played in Scott…and then he runs a powerplay with several high quality players that doesn’t score…and he hasn’t even made any moves to fix this. How long must we wait? This f’in slot machine he runs for line combinations is terrible….he changes lines every 30 seconds but lets the powerplay go nearly a month without scoring. Q doesn’t play guys like Lepisto who could eat up minutes for some inane reason and gives Leddy 20+ a night. Quenville is out of date, out of style and generally doesn’t help this team win games. Everyone seems to credit the cup win to him on a team he really had so little to do with. Get rid of him already.

  9. JIm says:

    I think changing the powerplay formation will do more good than a trade right now. I am nowhere near as expert on hockey as most who comment here. However I have watched the same power play over and over, and yes, it still does not work. Can’t we just go back to powerplay 101? We have some talented players out there.

    Quennville is a good coach, I guess, but he has a real blind spot when it comes to the power play.

    Do something different, please?

  10. skeen says:

    Patrick Kane has been a ppg player since he came into the NHL. You aren’t going to find that. Suggesting you should trade a ppg player that is only 23 years old is ludicrous, and stupid.

  11. Frank says:

    In 2010 the Hawks won the Cup despite Coach Q.
    In 2011 the Hawks bowed out because of poor choices by Stanley as to who moved and who stayed on the roster.
    In 2012 Coach Q shit the bed by badly managing his assets and Stanley being told no more big money signings thus we get a 10 year vet defenseman and King Kong goes to New York.
    In the summer of 2012 both will be fired Q because his team can’t play defense, Stanley because he is clueless.

  12. Cam says:

    There’s a better chance of Toews being traded than Quenneville being fired.
    And considering how he’s always gotten the most out of his teams, the idea is ridiculous.

  13. JIm says:

    Quenneville is not perfect. Powerplay, Penalty kill, John Scott, keeping Montador off the PK (where he excelled in Buffalo). I’m not saying fire the guy, I’m saying I wish he would do the obvious simple things.

    Yes, Quenneville knows 10000 times more than I ever will about hockey. Jerry Angelo knows 100000 time more about football than I ever will, but even I know you need a servicable backup quarterback in case your top guy can’t play.

    As a sports fan, I’ve seen coaches and managers get obstinate about how they are going to do things, even when it’s obvious from the outside what needs to be done. What I’m asking Quenneville to do is go to a traditional style of power play and penalty kill, and let the Hawks superior talent be the edge we have. If the Hawks do not have superior talent, well, then we don’t deserve the Stanley Cup.

  14. JakeRue says:

    yeah I’m with Jim on this….how can Q do nothing with one of the worst powerplays in the league on a top 5 that is one of the most talented? How many failures does he need to see before he does something?
    How about John Scott on the ice for 3min a game? What a waste of a sweater to dress a guy for that amount of time and add more playing time to your other defence men. Q continued to use this guy and every time he was on the ice all the fans are hoping to get him off. What was the purpose of this move?
    Q got fired from St.Louis and there is no reason he can’t get canned from the Hawks. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…that’s what I have seen so far in Q’s coaching this year.

  15. Cam says:

    “Q got fired from St.Louis”

    And that was a good decision. You might want to look at what the Blues accomplished in the years before, during, and after he was there.

    I think fans are vastly overrating what he has to work with. Versteeg, Ladd, Byfuglien, Brouwer, Campbell, Madden and Kopecky were all solid to good players who haven’t been replaced sufficiently, and Keith has regressed since winning the Norris. Bolland is anything but a consistent performer. Toews and Sharp have been hurt for stretches of games, and Hossa and Kane have annual disappearing acts every year. And that doesn’t even get into the goalie issues.

  16. John says:

    So the players that they lost got better and the guys they kept got worse. I think you’re vastly overrating certain players on your list and how Quenneville used them when they were here. Campbell was rarely, if never used on the power play after his first season here. Not to mention, he was often the 4th defensemen in his rotation. Brouwer was treated as basically the first version of Michael Frolik but with some size. Ladd was strictly a 5-on-5 player. Byfuglien wasn’t really used properly until the ’09-10 playoffs.

    I’m not saying he’s not a good coach but it’s not like he had a rag-tag bunch that he molded into champions. All those guys with the exception of Madden are legitimate top 6, special teams players, and Versteeg and Kopecky withstanding, none of them were really used in the roles they are now.

    True, the Hawks don’t have the same type of talent depth, but that doesn’t mean a coach can’t figure how to use his personnel correctly. Keith’s regression has likely been due to Quenneville running him ragged for the past two seasons. Bolland was never a consistent performer unless Martin Havlat was on his line. Toews and Sharp have never played a full season and Hossa always goes away occasionally. With the exception of this season, Kane has been consistently good.

    Like I said, not saying Quenneville is not a good coach, but he will go before any of those players and perhaps, rightfully so.

  17. Cam says:

    I don’t know if the players they lost have gotten better, just that they are better than what they’ve been replaced with.

    Yes, Campbell wasn’t used on the PP much and he could drive me nuts by wiring the puck off the glass every other slapshot, but his ability to carry the puck with speed in all zones was very important.

    Brouwer was used a bit like Stalberg is now and both are quite streaky. Still, he scored nearly 40 goals the last two years, 14 on the PP, and dished out 450 hits that haven’t been replaced. Frolik does a good job defensively but is almost never involved in a goal in any way shape or form.

    Ladd was a very nice 3rd line player for the Hawks. How much better would Bolland’s line look with Ladd on the wing? Perhaps with Versteeg on the other side.

    -“Toews and Sharp have never played a full season”-

    Both have played one full season with the Hawks. Toews’ was his second season. He missed just 2 games last year while he’s up to 6 and counting this season. Obviously, the Hawks problems this year started before he got injured though.

    Sharp played all 82 the Cup year.

    Versteeg, Madden, Brouwer, Fraser. All good penalty killers. Throw Sopel’s ability to block shots in there too.

    As for Quenneville, I firmly believe he’s not looked at as a problem by Bowman or Wirtz. I think he’s highly respected and would be stunned if he’s fired with two years left on his deal.

  18. John says:

    How many teams do you know of bring their director of player development on the ice for practice to work on special teams? That’s a direct slap in Quenneville’s face if I’ve ever seen one. Not to say he’s sure to be fired but he isn’t the Teflon Don, either.

    My point on Brouwer is he was traded because Quenneville had no use for him. They would’ve had no problem signing him again if he wasn’t going to be a $2.35 million fourth line player under Quenneville. Same thing with Campbell, $7.125 million is a lot of money to spend on a guy who’s the coach’s 4th defensemen.

    As for Ladd and Versteeg, not sure how they would have fit in under the cap with what their contract demands were/are.

  19. BobbyJet says:

    Stan did a good good job in alleviating our cap issues early on in his tenure, but has failed miserably since. A top 6 player that can play center was needed when we had those cap issues, it was needed last summer and it is still needed. Meanwhile teams like Bruins, Philly, Preds, Canucks all improved their teams, over the summer and leading up to Feb 27. Even Wings added a depth dman. By waiting until the last minute at the TD only to do nothing other than pick up another finesse dman in JO, that we need like a hole in the head, he has doomed us for this season.
    I do wonder however if Stan was impeded by the Hawk bean counters. Perhaps Rocky is content to fill the stadium every night and squeak into the playoffs yet again this year. That’s how it appears. Daddy Wirtz would be proud.

  20. Jim says:

    Maybe Stan knows with Toews concussed they are not going to advance far. This does not let Quenneville off the hook for the special teams play, but it might help explain the lack of major moves.

    Remember in the 1st round series last year it was Toews that willed the Blackhawks to a game 7.

    Without a healthy Toews, it doesn’t make sense to overpay for anybody, because we are not winning the Stanley Cup without Toews. Yes the Toews-less Hawks are still a good team, but not a Cup winning team.

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